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I had the pleasure of talking with Laura Eakin and Kadi Horrocks of The Hunting Widow Podcast a couple weeks ago. What a blast! I have not laughed that much in a while. We laughed about many things. Check out the podcast by clicking on the photo below or the following hyperlink: The Hunting Widow Podcast/Episode 24 Nancy Jo Adams.



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New Apple Watch band...I am not a big “bling” person so this one is out of the norm for me. I think I like it and the saddle leather smell in my office today is amazing. #applewatchseries3 Venison Stir’s what’s for supper! From the field to our forks! 
#LifeinCamo #CleanEating #Organic #NomnomNomNom I have been sitting at the table typing and Taylor has done everything in her power to try to get my attention. Finally, I slid something over to her to play with and she acts like I offended her!! She has been staring at it for 3-4 minutes as if something is going to pop out of it! #CrazyCat #catsofinstagram You know it’s a change of season when you put away your “GRUNTER” and get out your “HOOTER”! @houndstoothgamecalls  #lifeincamomedia
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