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I had the pleasure of talking with Laura Eakin and Kadi Horrocks of The Hunting Widow Podcast a couple weeks ago. What a blast! I have not laughed that much in a while. We laughed about many things. Check out the podcast by clicking on the photo below or the following hyperlink: The Hunting Widow Podcast/Episode 24 Nancy Jo Adams.



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Any guesses as to what might be hiding in that black tube? #tuffwriter #LifeinCamoMedia #TheViewFromMyOffice We are planting the fall crops on the Alabama Farm this weekend. I am getting a little writing in until I am needed. Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday! #LifeinCamo I didn't think it would be easy to replace Hank...well, it sure wasn't hard! LOL!  Loving "Earnie"...smoothest ride ever, tons of space for seed, feed, fertilizer, or a big old buck!! #kawasakimule #lifeincamomedia #LifeinCamo Opening Day...putting in the fall food plots. It is a year-round commitment and we live for it. #LifeinCamo #LifeinCamoMedia #kubota #kawasakilife  #kawasaki
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