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I had the pleasure of talking with Laura Eakin and Kadi Horrocks of The Hunting Widow Podcast a couple weeks ago. What a blast! I have not laughed that much in a while. We laughed about many things. Check out the podcast by clicking on the photo below or the following hyperlink: The Hunting Widow Podcast/Episode 24 Nancy Jo Adams.



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#Lunchtime #CleanEating Chicken salad mixed with sweet relish, 2 tablespoons on plain yogurt (substitute for mayo), salt, pepper, slivered almonds, and 3 Milton's Craft Multi-Grain Crackers. #NomNomNomNom It's hard enough trying to keep turkey hunting off my mind while at work and these two boxes of @winchesterammunition  sitting on my desk is making the task harder to do! Looking forward to hunting Osceolas this weekend. #LifeinCamo #LifeinCamoMedia Had a friend hunting with us this morning! Always an adventure! #lifeincamomedia In my #HappyPlace!! #lifeincamomedia #lifeincamo #beretta  #nomadoutdoor  #mavenoutdoors #muckboots #espusa #winchesterlongbeardxr #jebschokes
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