As Christmas quickly approaches and the New Year is rapidly following on the calendar pages, I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I also want to thank those that follow my blog, Shenanigans from the Field, as well as my social media friends for your friendship and following. I have truly enjoyed having you in my social media community and feel humbly blessed. I have been fortunate to meet many of you in person over the years and I hope I get the opportunity to meet many more of you in the future.

IMG_6341As Mister and I prepare for our Christmas hunting trip to duck hunt with Death Row Properties’, Ole South Outfitters in Forrest City, Arkansas, I can hardly contain my excitement. I have been trying for nearly five years to get Mister in a duck blind–and I will admit, I am being selfish about getting him in the duck blind to replace the lull of deer hunting during the duck hunting months. I can only hope that he gets “Hooked on Quack” so we can both enjoy many more duck hunting trips. The duck hunting gear pile keeps getting larger in the den floor as we watch the weather to see what type gear we will need…first cooler temps, now the forecast shows in excess of 30% chance of rain–but ducks like water, right?

As with any new beginnings, the new year brings about many goals I would like to pursue and several writing opportunities and offers have recently came my way and I plan to research to see what avenues I want to pursue. I will share any writings or articles here on my blog as well as my social media as I hope to spend more time posting to this blog as I once did. My goals are to focus on my health and well-being, improve my writing skills, educate myself more on photography/videography and to work diligently in becoming a more organized person through the means of all my devices…yes, my only vices are my electronic devices–I am an APPLEHOLIC!!

391_licAs founder of Ladies in Camo, I will continue to edit and post the product reviews for Ladies in Camo. I am very proud of the job Diane Hassinger, the director, and the other staff are doing. The product reviews are quality reviews with substance that are truly getting some notice in the industry and hunting communities; evident by the number of hits that the LIC website has been getting and the number of requests and emails we have been receiving from vendors. Ladies in Camo is working on a new website for 2015 which will showcase these writings and provide an easier, more user friendly website.

LIC is also working on their 2015 hunts and currently have several on the calendar. The Ladies in Camo staff will be attending ATA, SHOT Show and other major expos like NWTF Annual Convention and Expo, The Great Outdoor Show and many more; check the LIC calendar at the website for the shows LIC will be attending. Thank you to the director, Diane Hassinger and all of the staff for an amazing year. Good luck to LIC staff, Nikita Dalke in the Extreme Huntress Competition–don’t forget to cast your votes. Should you need to contact Ladies in Camo, you can email Diane at

As you sit down with your family and friends for Christmas dinner or to gather around the tree, say a prayer for those less fortunate and lonely.

As you sit down with your family and friends for Christmas dinner or to gather around the tree, say a prayer for those less fortunate and lonely.

Mister and I already have several expos and hunts on our calendar for 2015 and I am excited about attending the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) Annual Conference in Springfield, Missouri in March. I hope to share many great stories, some useful tips, great articles and writings and some fun trips with you in 2015 through this blog and my writing avenues.

As we wake up tomorrow, Christmas morning, please remember the reason for the season, your loved ones–even if only in memories, and our Military forces-at home and away; say a prayer for those who need it and count your blessings. May your days be blessed, your hearts content, your journey be pleasant and may your drag be short. ~Nancy Jo