As I prepare for the “Great LIC Duck Hunt Adventure” with Ole South Outfitters, I first of all want to thank the outfitter for their generosity and the opportunity to share this hunt with some pretty special ladies. Second, I want to congratulate those ladies that won spots on this hunt.

This will no doubt be a great time and I always feel humbled by the good Lord’s graciousness of placing so many great folks in my path. Every trip is a blessing, every friend is a gift and having the opportunity to share in fellowship in His creation, the great outdoors, is something that I will never take for granted. This morning I am grateful for many things and to name a few…
-my health, wellness and attitude,
-my husband-mentor-friend-soulmate for introducing me to the outdoors and being my biggest supporter and my rock,
-the means to be able to do and experience these things,
-my new employer, Borden Morris Garner Consulting Engineers, for honoring time off for this prearranged trip and for being an amazing company with an interest in their employees, vendors and clients,
-the outfitters like Ole South Outfitters for their efforts in making it possible to give opportunities to women and advocate for women hunters,
-all my friends, fans and supporters of myself, Ladies in Camo and Life in Camo and especially those friends who are always encouraging and mentoring me when I need it most; you know who you are.

As this group departs from Pennsylvania, Iowa, North Carolina and Alabama over the next 24 hours for Forrest City, Arkansas, I want to wish each of you safe travels. May we all return with some great memories and full coolers. And, for those husbands/boyfriends attending, may you remain SANE.

This group will no doubt keep social media interesting over the next few days with photos, stories and all types of Shenanigans from the Field so stay tuned to my personal social media and Ladies in Camo’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and/or my blog at We will hashtag — #LICDuckHunt. Let’s “CUT ‘EM” ladies……