Clyde and Friends

I write this with mixed emotions bringing the sad news that my beloved Clyde has gone to Dodge Heaven and will be no more. It was a sudden death and a real shock to Mister and I both. So many fond memories…..

Hunt Camp at Pirates Cove Resort on Jonathan Creek at Kentucky Lake in 2011

Hunt Camp at Pirates Cove Resort on Jonathan Creek at Kentucky Lake in 2011 w/Greg & Billinda Neyman at the Kentucky lease.

Waiting for an early morning turkey hunt.

Waiting for the fog to lift for an early morning turkey hunt…one of many early morning hunts Clyde got us to on time.

The day we brought Clyde home from Tennessee. We searched several states to find a 6 speed manual transmission Heavy Duty Diesel that we wanted

The day we brought Clyde home from Tennessee. We searched several states to find a 6 speed manual transmission Heavy Duty Diesel that we wanted.

We enjoyed so many wonderful places and many miles shared with good friends. Like our very first trip that took me to Minnesota with Pat Hendrixson and Tammie Knopp to hunt black bear, a Florida gator hunt with Shanon and Amber Markley, an Osceola turkey hunt and a trip to hunt gators with Pat Hendrixson, a fun trip to Savanah, Georgia with Sonya Hancock, a hog hunt at Ken “Bubba” Ledbetter’s in Liberty Mississippi with Kasey Riddle and Billinda Neyman, hauling several LIC staff around in Nashville at the NWTF Convention, a deep-sea fishing trip turned vacay to Biloxi, Mississippi and New Orleans with Lisa Coppenbarger and Sonya Hancock, an eastern turkey hunt with Kurt and Mackenzie Walters, an Osceola hunt turned mini vacay in Coral Gables, Florida with Greg and Billinda Neyman, and more recently, a hog hunt with Nito Mortero and Becca Estes.

DirtClyde was there to pick up Diane Hassinger from the Montgomery Municipal Airport on her first trip to Alabama the very first time we met. Clyde made us proud when Jeanne Peebles and myself giggled in the cab of that big old truck as we climbed up a soppy Alabama red clay hillside in 4-wheel drive at a dog deer hunt as other vehicles were stuck in the muck.

I attempted my very first oil change on Clyde and although I had just as much oil on me as I feel was in the oil reservoir…I now know I can change the oil and filters in a truck. Many ideas were thought up, many words were typed, many hours of audiobooks heard and many problems brainstormed in that big old comfortable cab.

Mister and I shared so many miles of GREAT ADVENTURES that took us to states like Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Arkansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma and anything in between more. Not to mention the MANY miles within the boundaries of the State of Alabama; there are not too many main roads that were left untraveled. The countless miles of highway looking at the world through a windshield.

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One of many lunches served on the console..

One of many lunches served on the console.



We both felt as if we had V.I.P. front row seating to many sunrises and sunsets, mountains and valley plains, passed many beautiful agriculture fields and crossed over many winding creeks and rivers. We shared fast food sack dinners, truck stop grub and even holiday meals on the center console and several lunches eaten off the tailgate.


A tailgate lunch on Clyde's last trip to Missouri.

A tailgate lunch on Clyde’s last trip to Missouri.


We remember the day fondly when we brought Clyde home as I blogged about out last day with The Lil Silver Pony. Just as we remember all too well as we watched Clyde’s odometer roll over 100,000 miles by Parkman Cattle Company in Montgomery, Alabama and when it rolled over 200,000 miles crossing over the Mississippi River in Saint Louis, Missouri, as we cheered Clyde on with a Whoo Hooo…both, Mister and I, simultaneously patting the dashboard!


Trustworthy…never leaving us on the side of the road, Clyde fought to roll the last 100 yards into the dealership’s service bay with a horrible rattle, growl and a clatter as Mister turned the key off. We knew it was not good but we never dreamed it would be the “Death of Clyde.”

Farewell steel steed…trusty travel partner…it was a good ride.

Farewell our steel steed…trusty travel partner…it’s been a good ride.

Four years, four months, 240,560 miles and countless engine hours….farewell our steel steedour trusty old friend and travel has been a good ride on a GRAND JOURNEY.

Today we go to the Dodge dealership to order a replacement and should the new truck live up to “rolling in the tires” of Clyde, it will be another great entry in the “Chapter of Dodges” that we have owned and loved in this lifetime. Now, to find the right name…