In preparing to head out to the turkey woods in the morning, I figured it was time to get my vest out and give it a once over to make sure it was packed and ready. I purchased my Limbhanger turkey vest by Russell Outdoors in Mossy Oak Obsession over 4 years ago and it is still in tack and in fairly good condition; even though it has traveled to over 6 different states and has been through rain, mud, brush, briars and spent time riding in the front of Hank the HuntVe or in the floorboard of my truck.

My turkey vest is pretty much like my purse….pretty heavy, but organized. OKAY!! Maybe it doesn’t look organized but there is a place for everything and everything is “usually” in its place. I thought about weighing it, but I would put my money on 13 pounds; EASY.

Three things you will ALWAYS find in my turkey vest: ESP, ThermaCELL & Winchester Premium Xtended Range ammo.

I thought it would be neat to share what I prefer in my turkey vest and maybe see what you have in yours. Here is what you will find in my turkey vest, starting with the left side of my vest:

Left side interior pocket:
ESP Ear Protection
License sleeve with mini pen
Lucky rabbit tail
Small retractable measuring tape
Leupold Range Finder
Knotty Huntress Turkey Lariat complete w/zip lock bag & rubberband

Left side exterior pocket:
A pouch of various mouth calls
A call sweetener
Two Slate Calls
Crow call
A small can of bug spray in my box call pouch


Back pouch:
Gobble tube
shooting stick
small bottle of water
a turkey hen decoy or Little Runt
turkey stool
A limb saw/caliper clippers in a pouch
a turkey feather or three

Right side interior pocket:
6-3.5 #5s
1-2 3/4 #7s
hat brim light
pair of gloves & extra pair of gloves
a mask & an extra mask
Several folded sheets of paper towels
small bottle of sanitizer

Right side exterior:
3 different strikers
small patch of sand paper
small patch of scrub fiber
Mini Mag Light

Yep, 13 pounds of “Pure Prepared”…. Care to share what you prefer in your vest? Good luck to you this season–I hope you dance!