I have truly been blessed in the hunting industry to meet some really great folks. I have also been fortunate to be mentored by some experienced ethical hunters right from my start. My path has crossed with some truly extraordinary people that I have been inspired by and even some characters that I marvel in my uncanny way of knowing to disregard. It is the conglomeration of my experiences that keeps me trudging forward.

Right from the start, it was a deep-rooted belief that there were many women out there, much like myself, that were seeking hunting opportunities; the chance to broaden their familiarity in the sport of hunting. I took it upon myself to coordinate my first women’s hunt a mere 7 months after my very first hunting trip.

I enjoyed the company of other women hunters and although there was not a harvest on the hunt, some friendships were made that are still special to me today. Matter of fact, on that first hunt I met Tammy Kent who founded the name “Ladies in Camo, whom since has transferred all rights to me. Thank you Tammy, for this, I am very grateful.

For the past 3.5 years I have bounced around with the thought of broadening the realm of Ladies in Camo to other areas of the states and taking the concept a step further. I have coordinated and hosted nearly 2 dozen hunts over the past two years and weekly I would get request, blog comments, Facebook messages and emails as to how an LIC hunt could be expanded to other areas of the states and requests for hunts in specific regions; and even numerous emails from outfitters who were interested in hosting a women’s hunt.

Not being one to let fear stare me in the face too long without putting up a good fight and with my nature of always accepting a challenge as an opportunity, I structured a plan to give myself a year to see if hosting these hunts single-handedly was something I could do, while still working my full-time employment as a paralegal and reserving time for Richard and I to enjoy some personal hunting trips together.

I am not going to lie, some weeks I felt I was a cat on a hamster wheel chasing a light bug. On a few occasions, I would find disappointment because I didn’t feel I was meeting the challenge and then there were the hunts…. all bringing me so much joy. Sharing, laughing, and experiencing harvests and even some first harvests, with other women hunters. I learn something new from every huntress that I come in contact with; either related to hunting, life or just a simple tip.

I have always been a creature of my own accord and have never been one to follow the beat of another’s drum. This is probably because I am too hardheaded to take the beaten path or maybe just too inquisitive…whatever the case, my journey has brought me much happiness.

A year and 11 hunts later, I have made the decision to move forward with Ladies in Camo. With the help of some good friends, the dedication of some regionally located women hunters, some interested writers and dedicated bloggers, we launched the Ladies in Camo website on February 29, 2012.

I want to extend a special heartfelt thank you to Michelle Harmes for single-handedly taking on the web designing, rendering many sleepless nights and sometimes leaving both of us scratching our heads. We were new to this whole thing but Michelle never wavered; she just pushed through the issues accepting each challenge as a stepping stone closer to her goal. Michelle did an OUTSTANDING job on the website and has even been asked by several other groups, organizations and companies to come rescue their websites. I knew when I first met Michelle that I wanted her in the Ladies in Camo group as a vital member…I have a good intuition for those gut feelings.

I am excited that all is coming to fruition…but not without a lot of hard work, late nights, deadlines that keep getting extended and even some sleepless nights. I have been blessed to have had some great outfitters contact me who support women in the sport of hunting and want to advocate and promote them. I am proud to say that we have put 21 hunts on the calendar already and I look forward to adding more across the states. We are adding regional hosts weekly and I hope to have hunts in many areas of the U.S. available to those women that want to participate in some great hunts at affordable prices. New this year is the addition of a few “couples” hunts.

The Ladies in Camo website hopes to bring you not only a calendar of affordable hunts across the nation but also articles, product reviews, stories from women hunters, photos, videos, great blogs and field journals to follow and even a membership that will get you a discount on your first purchase at the LIC store and eligibility into member-exclusive quarterly hunts for some great gear and hunt give-a-ways.

The website launch is going to give a lucky lady the opportunity to win a paid 4-day hunt and others the opportunity to win some great gear, so make sure to read the attached announcement to see how you can get your name into the drawing; and even multiple entries.

Note: Ladies in Camo is seeking some elite women hunters, bloggers, writers, regional hosts and marketing representatives. If you think you may be interested in contributing to the Ladies in Camo website or hosting some hunts, contact me at ladiesincamo@centurytel.net.