My huntress friend, Carlee Magness from Okemah, Oklahoma scored on an outstanding buck last week and I wanted to share her story with my blog followers. Carlee had attended the Ladies in Camo whitetail bow hunt at Mountain View Plantation in October and had taken a shot at a nice 7 point. She had to wait until the next morning to locate the buck but it was not recovered.

I felt horrible for her because on that same afternoon she had found out that a tornado had ripped through her hometown inflicting damage to her home while her husband D.W. and young son, Cash were in the home. Here she was several states and several hundred miles from home when all of this had happened. Thankfully everyone was all right and there was just property damage. That was a tough evening for Carlee having to deal with the news from back home and waiting all evening to go back out in the morning to search for her buck.

Congratulations, Carlee!! I was SO EXCITED when I had seen that Carlee redeemed herself with this outstanding 9 point buck; SHE TRULY DESERVED THE HONOR.

With her permission, here is Carlee’s story:

Carlee Magness with her beautiful 9-point buck harvested with a rifle in Okemah, Oklahoma.

Before rifle season, I caught word of a Big Buck contest that the local check station was having and the day before opening morning I had decided to enter in hopes of winning bragging rights of bagging the biggest buck of the season! As I walked in the door with my work clothes, make-up, and freshly curled hair the clerk said “Can I help you?” I quickly said “I want to enter the Big Buck contest.” And I laid my ten dollars on the counter. The clerk kind of sneered ad said “YOU want to enter the contest?!” I smiled and said “yeah”, signed my name and left.

After hunting day and evening, I had seen some pretty good bucks but just couldn’t get a good shot. I passed up smaller bucks and thought…good things come to those who wait! My Dad had told me about a pretty good eight point that had been in a fight and wasn’t getting around that great and we soon nicknamed him Ol’ Gimpy.

One night after an evening hunt, Dad and I were talking about Ol’ Gimpy and he compared him to a pretty good looking buck on his wall full of trophy bucks. I shortly decided that Ol’ Gimpy may just need to be on my much smaller trophy wall.

The following evening I got off work a little late and decided all I needed for a trip to the woods was my camo coat, gun, orange safety vest and bullets; luckily they were in my vehicle from the previous hunt. I was off! I got all settled in my blind, patiently waiting for a big buck to make an appearance. About an hour before dark, something came hobbling out of the trees onto the wheat field that I was hunting. There he was; it was Ol’ Gimpy! I had decided to take a shot at him, feeling pretty confident even though it was about a two hundred and fifty yard shot and I had never shot that far before. BOOM!!! After the shot I soon realized that it probably was not a good shot by the way Ol’ Gimpy had suddenly managed a spring in his step and ran off like the wind. I quickly got out of my blind to see if I could find any blood; all the while knowing in the back of my mind I had probably clean missed him.

As I walked into the woods where Ol’ Gimpy ran, I searched for blood. I only found tracks where he hightailed it off of the wheat field. I was bummed! Not only because I missed but also because I was going to have to explain to my dad, who probably heard the shot, that I had indeed shot but there was no buck on the ground. Suddenly, I heard something about twenty yards in front of me. I was face to face with a gigantic buck! I knelt down and realized that my rifle was empty! I dug out another bullet from my pocket, struggling with my sling and my orange safety vest. Finally, I got my sling and gun off my shoulder and loaded my gun in what seemed like a second. I rose up slowly and waited.

There he was looking at me, my new trophy buck, a beautiful one hundred fifty-xix pound, nine point whitetail deer. All thanks to Ol’ Gimpy!

As of right now, I’m in second place for the big buck contest but I think I still showed the clerk at the check station that I AM a hunter, even though I AM a “girly-girl” ~Carlee Magness