I went up to Kentucky Lake in Tennessee to do some night bowfishing, it was so much fun!
Night bowfishing was such a different experience! I couldn’t use my marks on my bow at all so aiming with instinct took a little adjusting. I am so thankful that I bowfished during the day first to get my head around shooting low and the all the basics!

The day of the trip we went out and were going to fish with rod and reel until we saw a school of big gar surfacing. Jennifer and I grabbed our bows and decided it was time to scout and day bowfish! We trolled around the islands and saw a few gar and a ton of mud clouds from carp that saw us coming. I couldn’t wait to get back there that night!
We loaded up on the boat about 9pm and headed out to the islands. At first we saw a few bass, which made my heart jump but they are illegal to shoot. In early summer these waters are choked with fish but since the temperature is going down they were hiding in deeper water.

I shot and missed a few times, adjusting to instinct shooting was hard at first but I got a hold of it. My first hit fish was a carp that swam up into the grass and made such a fuss he ended up upside down on top of a pile of grass completely out of the water!

My next fish, I barely hit him in his cheek and he got off the arrow. I shot a really big one, so big that he was ripping line out of the reel even with the trigger all the way down, it was a great fight but right at the boat he took off and the arrow fell out! Gotta remember the gaff next time!

The one that got away…http://youtu.be/e3FCtmJod2E

There was enough fish that we all got to shoot pretty often, the water was unbelievably clear in spots making depth judging so much harder. There were many misses and a few hits but I never stopped having fun!

About 2am we headed back in, it felt like we had been out only 20 minutes! I got several common carp and a couple buffalos. Jennifer got some gar and a carp.

I had so much fun I didn’t realize just how tired I was until I tried to climb out of the boat. The next morning I was so sore from shooting who knows how many times, gotta practice and get stronger for next time!
It was such a blast and I can’t wait till my next trip out!

Author, Michelle Harmes and bowfishing friend Jennifer McKinney with their mess of fish from their night bowfishing trip on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee. Photo Credit: Michelle Harmes