Sunday morning the weatherman was predicting it to be hotter than Saturday and as I stepped out to Clyde in the parking lot to take a couple of bags down, it definitely hit me. Whew!! It felt like the furnace was on full blast and it was not even 9 a.m. yet.

We ate the breakfast buffet that Staybridge Suites offered, packed up Clyde and we were beach bound; Tybee Island. It was definitely the perfect day for being around water with the high heat index.

We drove as far as the road would take us and we parked in the public parking lot. We walked down to the water. The sand was so hot from the truck to the beach that I thought I would have blisters on the soles of my feet. I definitely put a little pep in my step getting to the first waterhole. Richard was dancing on the sand in front of me from the heat.

The beach was not crowded in the area we went in at but as we walked the beach toward the pier, it became more crowded.

Tybee Island pier and beach front.

This beach was much different from the beaches of Panama City that I grew up on. Actually, the surface was harder and the sand was much darker. I was disappointed that there were no shells on the beach. It was still a beach and a nice place to be on a day like today.

There were families, surfers, kids building sand castles and lifeguards. Some people laid under umbrellas and read books or watched the shoreline. Others were in the water or playing a variety of games on the beach. Several jellyfish had washed up on the shore and people were poking sticks at them.

We walked the beaches for about two hours…and by this time the soles of my feet were hurting from walking on the hard surface barefooted. We had to make the trek back to the public parking lot and the sand was much hotter this time.

We decided to stop at one last souvenir shop so Sonya could get a few last-minute items. We had made plans before we left that we would eat at the famous Crab Shack and I had looked forward to this for the entire weekend.

We found the Crab Shack tucked away off of the main road into Tybee Island. A quaint little place; nothing fancy, more whimsical than expected, but definitely fun. Live alligators were in a pond off the wooden walkway and you could even feed them. There was nautical decorations everywhere, including a huge crab at the entrance archway.

The Crab Shack, Tybee Island, GA

Another Crab Shack sign

We had our choice of indoor seating which was seating in a screened in dining area or outside seating on the back deck under a really cool oak tree with hauntingly outstretched limbs in every direction. I asked the hostess what she would choose and the hostess and two waitresses piped in at the same time and said in unison “The outside seating.” I laughed and said, “Outside it is!”

The Crab Shack back deck

The old oak trees limbs were hauntingly reaching in all directions, however providing plenty of shade for the deck below.

This was my view from the deck at the Crab Shack.

I had waited this whole trip for this one meal. A Low Country Boil. I ended up getting the Half and Half which was shrimp and crab legs. Which is also what Sonya got. Richard got the 1/2 rack of ribs. The food was absolutely divine.

The Half and Half...half a pound of shrimp and half a pound of crab legs.

We sat and ate, shared some laughs and talked about the scenery. A crow was stealing sausage from plates and off tables. The waitress told us he was a daily patron. After eating we visited the gift shop and the bird sanctuary.

Big Tuna replica in the parking lot at the Crab Shack

The Crab Band in the parking lot

Sign at the Crab Shack gift shop

The Crab Shack...this was actually the kitchen.

We had a fantastic time on this trip to Savannah, Georgia and Tybee Island. Richard and I did not get home until 11:40 p.m. but fortunately we didn’t have but one bag, a camera case and my small duffel to unload since we didn’t take any other gear with us. One more weekend off then we will start our busy fall…first a hog hunt, then a expo, followed by a gator hunt, a bowfishing trip then our deer hunting commences. This was a nice relaxing calm before the storm….but a GOOD STORM it will be. Safe travels, my friends, and Land Ahoy!!