Day two at Rack Nine Outdoors really had no start at all since several never went to bed in the wee hours of the morning or at daybreak, some rose early, some were just coming in from the stand and others slept in. The ladies that went out early were back at lodge by 9:00 a.m. There were several ladies that went out and sat in the stand until after lunch. Hogs were seen but no shots made.

Dawn Gribb, Michele Branning, Nancy Carpenter and I rode Hank the HuntVe over to the front pond to watch Dawn fish. I don’t fish, so I took some photos and stood around and talked with everyone.

Dawn Gribb from Pennsylvania enjoying some fishing.

Dawn came prepared with a tackle bucket full of lures. She showed me how several worked in the water.

Lure change. Maybe this one will work better...

Success...and with a barbless hook!!

It was a beautiful blue bird sky day and even though it was pretty hot and sunny–we were still comfortable. Dawn caught a nice Bass that twisted off her barbless hook but later redeemed herself by landing a smaller Bass. We dropped Nancy off at the lodge so she could get her some sleep. The three of us rode Hank around the property, staying on the road system. We started out looking for the back ponds–but we were lost and enjoying the scenery. We shared stories, talked about products, and just enjoyed some sunshine and friendship. We met up with Terry and Chris, who had checked stands and scouting–but mostly riding the ATV in the mud.

We had bluebird skies on Saturday and although it was hot, it was still a pleasant day with a light breeze.

When we returned to the lodge it was time for lunch; grilled hamburgers and potato chips. While we ate, Shannon was preparing a cobbler with some fresh blueberries that she brought and Terry was preparing stuff for supper that night. We would be eating an early supper since we all had plans to return to the field early this evening and sit until several hours into the night.

Shannon putting together the ingredients for a fresh blueberry cobbler.

Terry working hard in the kitchen to get stuff ready for an early supper.

Jeanne, Krissy and a couple other women that had braved the heat were still coming in well after lunch. A few had seen piglets or smaller hogs but no shots were taken. Jeanne was going to have to leave early so Richard and I spent some time chatting with her at the table as she ate lunch. I hated to see her leave early from the hunt but I definitely understood that it was important that she leave.

Jeanne Peebles and I before she had to leave on Saturday

We sat down for an early supper of baked chicken breast, HOME-MADE mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, rolls and sweet tea that made you want to purr when you drank it. The “good stuff” made in a boiler on the stove…oh yeah…we felt pretty spoiled.

Supper time at Rack Nine don't have to tell these women but once "it is ready"!! We have been playing hard.

One of my favorite times during the hunts...we were able to all sit down together and talk, laugh and tell stories.

Shortly after supper, every one was gearing up to go into the field for some hog hunting. We loaded up in trucks, on ATVs and Hank and driving in different directions departing to carry hunters to their stands. The humidity was horrible and I broke a sweat just getting to and in my stand. Whew..I could already hear the mosquitoes calling in their friends and family. I had my ThermoCell lit as soon as my feet hit the platform of my ladder stand. Shortly after I was in my stand I heard the first shot. I pumped my fist in the air…and thought WOOO HOOO!!

After about 45 minutes I text Richard to find out who shot and if a hog was down. The reply was that a hog was down. Krissy Herman from Pennsylvania shot a sow going into the same stand that I had almost walked on a sow the night before; I just knew someone was going to have an opportunity to shoot one there if they went in early than I did on Friday night. I was ecstatic for her!! Richard said she came in with her hog harvest but went right back out to her stand after photos.

Krissy Herman and her wild hog harvest, a nice sow.

Dawn Gribb took a shot at a hog and Amber Markley took a shot at a trophy boar sometime before I came in from my stand, I remember hearing the shots and getting excited. I just couldn’t stand it any longer–I was hearing all these shots and I thought I was missing a party at the lodge so about 9 p.m., I text Richard to come get me on Hank. When I got back to the lodge there were still several ladies out. Michele Branning text and asked Richard to come pick her up. She was hunting out of a ground blind and had coyotes all around her howling. What an experience in the pitch black of night and on the ground, none the less.

I rode with Richard to pick them her up, but as we were going to the stand we got a flash of the spotlight from Shannon and Amber’s stand so we text them to see if they wanted to come in as well. They were ready. On our way in we drove around the huge corn field staying on the look out for hogs. There were signs every where but we were not fortunate enough to see any hogs.

Once back at the lodge we all visited a while before turning in for a good night’s sleep. Plans were made to go out between 3:30-4:00 a.m. A few ladies were still in their stands when I retired and my roommate Chris was going to try to stay on stand all night long. Poor Krissy stayed in her stand an extra hour longer than she had wished after the two guides and myself got her number mixed up with Nancy Carpenter’s number…who probably was picked up earlier than she had wished. Future note to self: ALWAYS put names with the telephone numbers to keep this from happening.

Sometime before my alarm went off, Chris came in. She had not seen any hogs; other wildlife but no hogs. I quickly fell back asleep and it couldn’t have been an hour before my alarm went off. It was time to wake folks up and have them get ready to go out to their stands. Slowly but surely there was movement in the lodge and by 4:00 a.m. hunters were filing out the door headed for vehicles to take them to their stands.

Sunday mornings hunt was a very slow hunt. I am not sure if anyone actually seen hogs–I think they heard them. I know Michele Branning and Michelle Harmes were in good spots for morning and day hunting because they had hog wallows close by. I rode with Richard to pick Michele up and we were able to scout around the area she hunted. Amazing at all the signs.

Hog rub marks on trees. The trees were slathered with dried mud and some of the mud was thigh high.

A huge "active" hog wallow that was close to Michele's stand.

Picking up Michele Branning from her stand Sunday morning.

Picking up Shannon and Amber Markley from their stand. Hank the HuntVe was incredible on this trip...for picking up ladies and bringing home the bacon.

Shannon and Amber's weekend condo highrise. Jeanne was able to sit in this stand Saturday morning and hunt the big trophy boar that stays in this area.

Riding back to the lodge on Hank: Richard driving, Nancy Jo riding shotgun, Shannon and Michele literally riding shotgun/rifle and Amber taking the photo. HEY!! Look where you are driving Mister!!

When we returned to the lodge, Terry had warmed up the pork loin, hamburgers and chicken breast and we had a feast on leftovers. Dawn called and Richard and I went to get her from her stand.

Picking Dawn up from her stand mid-morning on Sunday.

Shortly after lunch we took a few pictures, sorted through some Rack Nine Outdoors logo wear to take home as a souvenir (thank you Terry) and we started packing are gear and loading it in our vehicles.

Strut & Rut not only helped some of these ladies extend their stay in the stand, it helped many make the drive home safely by keeping them alert.

Packing up and loading the vehicles is always the saddest part of the hunt for me. These hunts are never long enough–just about the time everyone gets comfortable with each other to the point they are cracking jokes, coining pet names and making plans for future hunts…it is time to pack up an depart. I never feel like I have enough time to spend individually with each person. I absolutely love the camaraderie at these events and I am so thankful to the Good Lord that He has blessed me not only with the means and health to be able to experience these hunts but also that He has blessed me immensely with good friends that are good people. I learn new things and I am enriched every time I am together with a new group.

Shannon and Amber Markley loaded up and ready for the ride home.

Jennifer McKinney of Tennessee is all smiles because she is "BRINGING HOME THE BACON!"

Dawn Gribb of Pennsylvania is getting in her goodbyes as the ladies depart.

Nancy Carpenter is getting settled in for the 13 hour ride home to Pennsylvania...these ladies made the trip straight through.

Michelle Harmes will be reminiscing about her close encounter with a boar hog the entire trip home.

My chariot of horsepower (Clyde) and pony (Hank) was waiting for my departure as well.

A big heartfelt thank you to Terry Garrett for allowing me the opportunity to put this hunt together and to Greg Lovvorn for taking care of us ladies, getting us to our stands, catering to us when we needed something. Thank you to Richard for, yet again, being my everything at this hunt from my bell boy, mule, driver, guide, photographer…you name it and for guiding the ladies. My gratitude and a shout out to all the companies that sent promo items, gift certificates and information for the ladies that attended–it is your companies that cater to these lady hunters and I feel it is important that they know you exist and they spread the word.

And thank you to all the ladies who attended this hunt. I am always humbled that the ladies that attend my hunts have placed their trust in me for the experience and quality of time they will spend away from home. I know that it is not only a financial investment for them, it is also time that they spend away from their families and other responsibilities in life. I would hope that each one leave with good memories and a special enrichment from time spent in the great outdoors with good friends. For these bonds are what enrich our souls and make us appreciate this journey we call life.

Even Richard stole a few minutes to wet a hook in the pond. Hey Mister, FISH ON!