Bringing the decoys in after the morning hunt in Kentucky.

Those that I am acquainted with, through social networking, my blog or personally, probably already know that turkey, by far, are my favorite game to hunt. A lot of things run a close second, but I won’t even try to lie and say I wouldn’t give all other game up for another turkey hunting season. My efforts failed when it came to finding one more turkey hunt to set out on before the end of the month. Not because I didn’t get more than my fair share of turkey hunting this season. No! More so for selfish reasons; I just can’t fathom the thought that it will be 10 months before I will be able to turkey hunt again. If I were the “fit-throwing” type person, this is the point that I would be in the floor, flailing my arms and legs wildly, wailing madly like a siren. “Hmmmph…”

An incredible Osceola hunt.

My season started off with the disappointment that my trip to Mexico in efforts of achieving my Royal and World Slam canceled due to the mini-civil war currently going on in Mexico. I still had a good turkey season which included an incredible Florida hunt, a fun Oklahoma hunt with some awesome ladies, some great hunts here at home in Alabama, and two exciting hunting weekends at the new lease in Kentucky. I hope your turkey season was outstanding. I would love to see some of your pictures posted at my Guru Huntress Facebook Page.

Fun at an Oklahoma Rio Turkey Hunt

Not only did I enjoy my hunts, I was able to field test some really great products, which I will be publishing the reviews on the Women’s Outdoor News. Speaking of Women’s Outdoor News, I am excited about the June 1st launch of the all new website. I hope those reading this will check the new site out after June 1st at I will be posting at least two new column pieces per month and contributing to the Gear Court. There are already many great columns on the website but the new unveiling will introduce several new writers and their columns. We are also excited about some great new sponsors and advertisers. Be sure to check it out on or after June 1st.

I am looking forward to the Ladies Hog Hunt at Rack Nine Outdoors, June 24-26th, a couple industry shows in July and August, and some time to get some much needed ends tied up and some chores done before September arrives–when our jam packed fall season starts off with a gator hunt. I am wishing that each and every one of you enjoy a spectacular and safe summer with whatever may be on your calendar. Remember to cherish the time you have with family and friends.

Kentucky Eastern playing peek-a-boo.