“Better weather is moving in…” is what the local Channel 9 meteorologist announced as I watched the 10 p.m. news tonight. This was great news for the Ladies in Camo hunting at the 2nd Annual Ladies in Camo Turkey Hunt in Okemah, Oklahoma. Tomorrow morning will be the first morning hunt of the trip and this year was already promising a good hunt since we were having it earlier in the season than last year.

Richard and I left from work on Wednesday night and drove the 11 hour trip straight through. When we arrived in Okemah we drove directly to the field, changed into our hunting clothes, grabbed our gear and was set up waiting on turkeys right at daybreak. We heard gobbles in the trees several hundred yards from us. The wind was blowing pretty steady with really strong bursts. It was hard to hear the toms but we could make the sounds out and the direction that they were coming from. Shortly after day break we no longer heard any gobbles. It is hard to say if it was because we were not hearing the birds over the wind or if they moved out of the fields into the woods to take cover from the strong winds. Regardless, we are pretty confident about this spot for a morning hunt tomorrow.

Richard and I spent a little time scouting the area and we took advantage of the creek beds to move around the property. We will be headed back to the corner of this field tomorrow with high hopes of hearing gobbles and the chance opportunity of calling/coaxing one in our direction.

The other ladies started arriving with Tommie Lea and Vicki meeting us at the hotel around 10:30 a.m. We surprised Carlee with a visit at her beauty shop. I had spoken to a Facebook friend, Leigh Ann Nunn on my way to Okemah and we made plans for her to come eat lunch with us in Okemah. It was fun meeting another Facebook friend and Leigh Ann actually left with a few new ones to add to Facebook. We had a wonderful lunch at the Hen House in downtown Okemah.

By the time we returned to the hotel Andrea had arrived, followed by Pat and Tammi; and finally Christy. Richard and I had gone to take a much needed nap. My alarm on Crackie went off at 5 p.m. and I had not been up 10 minutes when I got a call from Steve Glass of Trophy Bag Kooler. Steve was gracious enough to come over and talk with our group about his new products, the smaller trophy bag kooler and the Quarter bag in two sizes. He gave samples to all the ladies of the cooler gel and anti microbial spray, answered questions and gave us information on why his products are so important. A huge thanks to Steve for sharing his time with us, we enjoyed it.

The entire group went to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner and shared stories and laughs. Plans were made as to what time the group needed to be ready and guides were assigned. Everyone was back at the hotel early to turn in. I hope everyone has the opportunity to hear gobblers in the morning and I hope the meteorologist is correct in the fact that there will be less wind even with the 37 degree weather prediction.

Here is a slideshow of photos that I wanted to share with my readers. If you want to view a picture up close, please double-click on the picture to view it full size.

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