Billinda's Osceola harvest.

Greg's Osceola harvest.

Richard and I were fortunate enough to share this hunt with friends Greg and Billinda Neyman. We are so thankful to have them in our life and to be able to share the outdoors with them. This is Billinda’s story:

An amazing amount of excitement and nervousness had us busting at the seams. Gregory & I couldn’t wait to get to our hunting blind. Our walk in the dark with Dave was quick and silent. We were more than ready to sit and listen for some turkeys. Our blind was under an old oak tree that was dripping dew.

After getting in the blind we sat in anticipation of the sunrise and the possibility of turkeys gobbling. The sun began to show and the turkeys started their morning. We heard several gobbles in the distance. We were thrilled to the core and knew there were birds in the area. Dave made some quiet purrs and yelps and it seemed the turkeys heard him. I sat wondering how close those birds may be. Were they looking at us and we didn’t see them?

After a short time, Dave let us know there was a hen coming quickly behind our blind. We saw her trotting in and grew enamored with the thought of a Tom following her. Dave worked his magic! He called to the hen with a slate call. She stayed to our right out of sight but she kept “talking” to Dave. Dave then looked with binoculars toward Nancy Jo and Richard. He could see several turkeys and at least one long beard strutting in front of them. A few minutes later, a shot rang out. Several birds were now on the move. I couldn’t stand it, so I texted Nancy Jo to see if she connected. She didn’t reply which made us all wonder….did she miss? Was there some sort of problem? Then, Dave informed us that several birds were on the move behind our blind. We had to quietly get out of our chairs, move them and get in position to see the coming birds. We were both so excited to see Osceola’s much less get a chance to harvest one! Dave told us we could each take one if we wanted. I decided to take the first one I saw. I was down on the ground on one knee and couldn’t wait to see if a shot was in my future. Gregory leaned toward me to look out of the door to our blind and picked his bird out from the group. I reminded myself to breathe and clicked the safety off my Browning Gold. I aimed and shot and Gregory shot immediately after. Both birds were down. We were smiling, laughing and bursting with pride! With our guns clicked back on safety we high fived and had a celebratory moment with Dave. Dave was extremely happy and content that we had taken two birds. It was the “double” we all jokingly talked about…or wait…was it a “triple”?

We climbed out of the blind to run to our first turkeys in Florida…Osceolas! I was excited and trembling from adrenaline. I looked over toward Gregory and his smile was spectacular and extremely large. I enjoyed the moment. I felt like I was in slow motion for a moment or two. Hunting with Dave and my husband was an amazing time. We couldn’t wait to show Nancy Jo and Richard our birds! Dave had a smile as big as Texas planted on his face. Dave gathered our birds and threw them over his shoulders for travel. Gregory texted Nancy Jo and sure enough she had scored. It was a “triple”. All three of us harvested our Osceola within the first hour of the first day of our hunt and Richard had Nancy Jo’s on film! We walked a bit and saw our friends about 150 yards away. I know we had a spring in our step! We met up with them and began telling our own “stories” of the days events. Then we started posing for pictures. We were so blessed to have safe travels, an awesome guide, beautiful weather and turkeys to harvest. Life is good and God is great!

LOOK at those smiles!! Life is Good..God is Great!!