Hunt hard, harvest ethically and may your hunting vest be full of turkey feathers! Photo Credit: Life in Camo 2010

This is my 5th turkey season and as usual I am like a mule chomping at the bit on a southern, balmy mid-July day heading for a water source. This weekend I will sort through all of my turkey hunting gear and make sure everything is in order for opening day and the 8 weekends on the road that follow. I have replaced last year’s diaphragm calls with new ones, sweetened my friction calls and stocked my turkey vest. I added my shooting stick, turkey lounger and a box of Winchester Premium Elite extended-range 3.5″ #5 shot shells. This season will be bittersweet.

It is bitter because I will be laying down my trustworthy hand-me-down Mossberg 835 pump shotgun this season–the shotgun that has not only been extremely accurate, with a XXX-Full Comp-N-Choke combined with a Winchester 3.5″ turkey load, but a shotgun that nursed my confidence on every hunt. I always say that hunting is 10% equipment, 10% luck and 80% confidence.

This season will be sweet because I will be carrying a new Mossberg 935 Semi-Auto into the woods. I received an email today informing me that my XXX-Full Comp-N-Choke had been priority shipped and I would have it in time to pattern my gun this weekend. With less than two weeks left until our season opener, it will get here in perfect timing.

It doesn’t help my giddy anticipation of the season that I just finished reading Bad Birds, by Jim Spencer. I recommend this book to any turkey hunting fanatic….heck, I recommend it to anyone; it just might make a turkey hunter out of them yet. See my column at Women’s Outdoor News on Friday afternoon for my full review of Mr. Spencer’s book.

Bad Birds by Jim Spencer Photo Credit: Tes Randle Jolly

This season, I hope every turkey hunter takes the opportunity to get out every chance they can and I hope the “Turkey Gods” are good to you. Please keep me updated on your success by posting your photos on my Guru Huntress Facebook Page. Hunt hard, harvest ethically and may your hunting vest be full of turkey feathers.