Was I really going to do this? Was I really going to change the oil in Clyde all by myself with nothing but a “How To” printed out in one hand and a 3/4 inch ratchet in the other?

I read the “How to Change the Oil in a Dodge Cummins Diesel Truck” about 3 times since I printed it off. Everything seemed really simply until I got to the part that explained to me that I had to “remove the turbo inlet hose/air filter cover. Take the screwdriver and loosen the band clamp at the turbo inlet. Unsnap the clips on the air filter cover and remove the complete assembly. Cover the turbo inlet with a clean rag.” Okay, finding the oil cap was not hard; it actually had OIL stamped in the top of it….but finding a “turbo-inlet-hose-air-filter-cover-thingy” was going to be a bit of a challenge.

Just what does an air filter thingy look like? Is it little? Is it big? Is it round? Is it square? This must have been what Larry of the Three Stooges felt like when he was mistaken for a doctor/surgeon and pushed into a room in the middle of surgery to take over. Hmmmm…..was this really a good idea?

As everything in life is slowly progressing toward the Age of Technology…it did not come as a surprise that my entire owner’s manual is on CD. Ummmm, I guess they assume that everyone carries a laptop in this day and age and if we break down on the side of the road, we just whip out our laptops and pop in the “not-so-convenient” CD in the CD/DVD drive to get some help. After perusing under the hood and looking at the CD, I found that turbo air filter thing-a-ma-bob.

I gathered all the necessary tools, a rag, a new oil filter, 3 gallons of oil and all the confidence I could muster up. Now it was time to get to work.

I gathered all my supplies to tackle and conquer this feat.

The first step was to get under the truck with a drain pan and remove the oil pan plug with a ratchet. Whew, was it tight up under there.

Definitely a tight fit and there are a lot of things underneath here.

Not only was it a tight squeeze…the drain plug was screwed in pretty tight. I really had to put a few grunts into it to get it loose. Once loose and unscrewed partially, the old black oil came out like it sprung a leak. There was no stopping it now.

I found the oil pan....no turning back now!

I found the oil pan....no turning back now!

Removing the plug...that thing was so tight.

Now I am up to my elbows in it. BOTH hands black with oil and I think I even got some on my face at this point.

After I removed the drain plug and the oil was draining well it was time to remove the old oil filter. This is where the instructions read to remove the “turbo-air-filter-intake-hose-thingy”. After looking at the engine with absolute bewilderment and finding what must be the “turbo-intake-filter-dooma-flitchy” the instructions where instructing to remove, I found an easier way to get to the oil filter. I decided to remove it from underneath.

Removing the old oil filter...another tight squeeze but much better from below than above.

Got it loose...

Don't spill it...don't spill it!!

I am slowly but surely accumulating oil in my hair on on my face...

Got the old oil filter loose...now I got to get back under there and put the new one on.

Putting oil on the O-ring of the new oil filter.

With the old oil filter removed and the new one installed, it was time to make sure that all the oil had drained out and to reinstall the plug.

Wiping the plug off before replacing it.

Checking to make sure all the oil has quit dripping from the oil pan into the bucket.

I still havent gotten too dirty, eh?

The plug was in place, the new filter was in place…now it was time to put the new oil in Clyde. I didn’t think to get a funnel while shopping for my supplies. I made a make-shift funnel by cutting the bottom of a water bottle off. I made sure to dry it very well before using it. It worked wonderfully.

Filling Clyde up with Rotella Synthetic 5W-40.

Wiping the oil cap off...I think I officially have more oil on me than in Clyde.

After replacing the oil, I wiped off the oil cap well and replaced it, then started the truck to let the oil circulate and to make sure that the oil pressure was at the correct level. Everything worked exactly as planned and the oil pressure was a perfect 42 psi. The dip stick showed the right amount of oil.

Everything is running like it is supposed to and the oil pressure is just right. Mission accomplished.

Checking the dip stick after letting the truck run a little.

I DID IT!!! I changed the oil in Clyde all by myself. It was not hard and although I must admit I had a as much oil on me as there was in Clyde when I got done, it was still a sweet victory. An oil change at the dealership for my truck with synthetic oil runs $158; I completed the job for $80 and I learned something new at the same time. My only problem, I just don’t know how in the world I am going to get the oil out from under my nails…I have already washed Hank, the dishes and took a shower using a nail brush on my fingernails. I won’t stress too much over it,,,,I am too ecstatic that I actually completed the task at hand.

I officially took a Cummins oil bath!! But I succeeded...I CHANGED CLYDE'S OIL!! Woo Hoo!