I attended the Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada two weeks ago. WOW!! What a fast horse I rode while there. I was only going to be there for 2 short days and 3 nights. Before leaving, I had meticulously mapped out my plan of action. I combed the online map and located all the booths I had planned on visiting and reviewed the contact information for those I needed to meet in person.

Beautiful view of the mountains from our hotel room window.

I had a plan. I was organized. I had a color coded map in hand. I had downloaded the available smart phone program for the SHOT Show on Crackie. I could faintly hear the ROCKY theme in the back of my head. Nah-nah-naaaa, nah-nah-naaaa….nah-nah-nahhhhh…nah-nah-naaaa…nah-na-nah-nah-nah-nana

Well, I might as well had colored with marker in a coloring book…all the hard work and diligent study of the floor map went straight to the wind, in a flash. I feel like I covered about one-third of what I had hoped to. I don’t know how I got stuck in the tactical and gun area so long…leaving less time for the hunting area; which is where the bulk of my planned time was supposed to be.

Blaser gun combo--absolutely beautiful gun with two barrel options.

Blaser gun combo--I was really liking this one.

My thinking was get the few booths in the tactical area covered and I would have a day and a half for the hunting and outdoor area. Well, so much for plans. So much for lists…and so much for that program I so diligently combed through to make my 2 days at the show productive.

Getting Instructions from Sheldon about the 4 different type Wildgame Innovations camera systems.

I felt like the time I had available there was over before it really got started. All was not wasted though, I did get to meet some of my Facebook friends in person. I was able to spend some time with my Commando Team Mates. I was able to get some vital contact information on some of my hardest companies to contact.

I was re-acquainted with one of my original marketing representatives that I really enjoyed working with. I did get to cover some ground and see some new products.

Janette Palmer and I. I am so glad that we were reunited. She was one of the first reps I spoke with at my first Shot Show...so nice.

And, last but not least, I was able to see The Phantom of the Opera with Richard and Tommie Lea. WHAT A MAGNIFICENT PLAY IT WAS!!

Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian.

The play was absolutely amazing. Before the curtains were ever called, Richard leaned forward and looked at Tommie Lea and I and said “Well, Country comes to the Opera.” It was hilarious hearing him say that in his heavy southern accent!! All three of us were in awe during the entire play. It was absolutely perfect and what made matters even better is that we bought seats that were about 30 rows back from the stage on the left hand side of the theater.

As we were sitting down and settling in, an usher came up to us and asked to see our tickets. She asked if there were only 3 of us in our party and we answered affirmatively. She made a call on her walkie-talkie and then looked at us and said “We are going to move you to closer seating.” No argument from us. As we started down toward the front of the theater, we were shocked when she put us in the 10th row, dead center to the stage. Woo Hoo!! The high dollar seats!! You would have thought we had just won a bundle on the slot machines. We were giddy and high from our stroke of luck.

After the play was over and we were walking out of the theater, Richard looked over at Tommie Lea and I and said, “We’ve got culture now.” Too funny!! The play was phenomenal and I was happy we opted for that versus the other options we were looking at. I don’t feel any different with culture…and country did go to the opera…but I am still the same person.

Richard and I played the slot machines a little bit, but there really was too much we wanted to see. We walked the streets and watched the Sirens of Treasure Island, which was really fun. I even ate a $17 buffalo burger at I Love Burgers.

Let the games begin...

Las Vegas...this is as close as I got to the original Las Vegas sign.

Sirens of Treasure Island Show was really fun. Brrrr....I know that water was very cold and it was chilly outside.

I had a buffalo burger at I Love Burgers...It was pretty tasty.

There were beautiful waterfalls and fountains everywhere.

The one thing I wanted to do before I left Las Vegas was to see Freemont Street and the old area of Las Vegas. It is true that the new area held all the new technology, refined architecture, finer shopping stores, ritzy high-priced restaurants, busy streets, walk-overs and you can’t forget the free side-walk show “Sirens of Treasure Island,” which was fantastic by the way. But Freemont Street has history!! And the makeovers were not to shabby either. What a show we had for the couple of hours we were there. Street performers, impersonators, folks dressed up in very bizarre outfits, singers, and of course the light show in the ceiling…what a place!!

We just got out of the cab on Freemont Street. Pic courtesy of Tommie Lea Clanton.

Richard on Freemont Street

The Famous Golden Nugget

The Golden Gate Casino

Glitter Gulch Casino

Freemont Street Marquees....

The 4 Queens Casino

Binion's Casino

The jumbo-tron ceiling and speaker system over the streets were amazing. The light show was like nothing I had ever seen. They played Queen, We Will Rock You. It was outstanding.

Queen, We Will Rock You on the Jumbo-tron over the streets

Amazing light show over the streets of the historical part of Las Vegas

Jumbotron light and light show on Freemont street. This was in the pavillion-style roof over the streets

Our last evening, I walked around the hotel Palazzo and took a few pictures. One of the photos that I wanted to share with you was on the second floor where there was an indoor atrium. The ceiling had been painted like a beautiful bluebird sky, with fluffy white clouds and natural lighting that made you feel as if you were actually outdoors. There was a small man-made concrete river with gondolas that went up and down the river. Each of the gondoliers (person propelling the gondola) were singing beautiful songs to their passengers.

Ceiling in the atrium

Painted ceiling in the atrium. Absolutely incredible.

This ceiling in the hotel was absolutely the coolest painting I have ever seen. So lifelike and the lighting made you feel as if you were outdoors.

Gondolier singing to his passengers...it was amazing how beautiful they sung.

How sweet....

There were shops and restaurants along the atrium and a mini stage set up for street performers. It was the neatest environment, but the photos do it no justice.

Street performance in the atrium.

All in all, I had a wonderful time attending my second Shot Show. I saw many new items, met more friends in the industry and made some great new contacts. All that and I was able to gamble a little, see a new city, and get a little culture all in one trip–what more could one ask for other than meat for the freezer. đŸ™‚

Next year, YES, next year…I am going to stay the entire show and I will be bound and determined to get all of my “To Do” list completed.

Richard getting his last fix before we board the plane in Las Vegas.