Saturday morning we headed out for the blind we set up when we arrived on Friday. I can officially say I have now hunted in the coldest weather I have ever experienced. It was 9 degrees Saturday morning with a wind chill of -13 and 20-30 mph winds. Sunday morning it was 7 degrees. You Northerners would be so proud of this Southern Girl!!! I dressed the part and did not get uncomfortably cold.

Bundled up in 7 degree weather with a wind chill factor of -13.

I wore my wool gear, my THY base layers, two sets of Rocky thermal fleece base layers, a layer of ScentLok, wool socks, THY sock liners, wool fingerless gloves, THY glove liners, a fleece neck gaiter and a wool hat….I think I was purring like a cat a few times. I even added four hand warmers to the ensemble and a WarmBag for more protection. Snow moved in and with the wind it was blowing sideways. It actually covered our gear in the blind and was blowing in us. You would have thought we would have frozen to death but we were both comfortable.

The wind had the snow blowing sideways on Saturday morning--the coldest weather I have ever experienced.

Snow covered everything in the blind, including us. I am so thankful that we came prepared for the cold.

Snow blowing into the blind covering us and our gear. Regardless of the single digit weather and minus teens windchill we were comfortable.

We had 5 does that crossed on the adjacent hill headed to the bedding area before the snow moved in but nothing after. Not being familiar with the deer behavior in this area, we were unsure how long we would need to sit until there would be no deer activity. A text message from our guide was assurance that we could come in.

After a quick ham sandwich and an hour and half nap, we were back in the blind. The afternoon hunt produced the same 5 does. The afternoon was really pretty and we were able to enjoy the strong sunlight shining through the blind window instead of blowing snow.

Our blind was overlooking a valley and known bedding area.

Doe going to the bedding area.

Theresa cooked some wonderful venison hamburgers for dinner and Billinda brought a wonderful chocolate cake. We spent some time talking about hunting in the area and about the trophies that Lynn had on his wall that were harvested in the area. After sharing some stories and laughs we went to sleep early with full bellies and high hopes for Sunday’s hunt.

One of the great buck harvests by Jagermister Outfitters, LLC. This is what we were holding out for.

One of the great buck harvests by Jagermister Outfitters, LLC

One of the great buck harvests by Jagermister Outfitters, LLC

Sunday morning we sat in the same blind we had set up and the does filed in like clockwork. But on this morning a buck followed. We had a nice mature buck, with both antlers, at 165 yards with no possible shot because of the thick cover. This really got my heart pounding and gave me high hopes of seeing another big buck with full antlers.

This is extremely hard to see but there are actually 8 deer in this freeze frame from the video tape. Amazing how they blend in.

Because of the way this buck came in to the bedding area and the location of the cornfield, Sunday afternoon we sat in a shooting house closer to the cornfields in hopes of seeing the buck on his trip back to feed. We didn’t see him or another buck but we did see five does…which could very well have been the same group of does we had seen from the blind.

When we returned to camp we got ready to go out for dinner…tonight the group was treated to dinner at Osaki Japanese Steakhouse by new friends Greg and Billinda Neyman. Wow!! What a fantastic dinner and time we had. I learned a very valuable lesson too. The waitress asked us what we would like to drink and she overheard Richard tell me “they don’t have sweet tea”. She politely shook her head and said “We do!” I looked at her surprised and asked “You do seriously?” She said, “Yes, sweet tea and lemonade.” I said, “okay, I will take a sweet tea.” To which she smiled and said “sweet tea and lemonade” shaking her head affirmatively. Well, I didn’t think anything of it because I have actually drank sweet tea mixed with lemonade.

Well, the drinks came to the table and I looked at the little glass that she had my sweet tea in and I thought…Hmmm…they sure don’t drink sweet tea like we do in the South. We drink ours out of big glasses or Mason jars. I picked the drink up that Richard was looking oddly at and took a big swig……..LAWD HAVE MERCY, I could have lit the ornamental candle sconces on the wall with one breath. Eiyy-yie-yie….Can you say 190 proof!

It was at this point I was glad it came in a little glass, much more of that drink and I would have found out just how hot that tabletop grill got. I don’t think Lynn Buswell and Theresa Wise quit laughing at me all night. Theresa said the look on my face when I took the first sip was priceless—I bet it was, cause I was expecting a smooth sugar laden drink and got a tart fire laden swig of liquid that could have fueled Clyde if I needed alternative fuel. But I have to admit it was a good drink, just not what I was expecting.