I may have left the field with no harvest but I left it with something much richer in meaning and worth; new friends.

Tuesday night would be our final meal together. Greg and Billinda treated us to dinner at Ox Yoke Inn. This was another quaint family-style restaurant. I think the concept of family-style dinners is something that more restaurants should pick up on. What fun we had at the table…it really did make you feel like a family.

The Ox Yoke Inn

There were three meats and several vegetable dishes placed on the table. We dined on roast beef w/gravy, fried chicken, ham, green beans, cottage potatoes, two types of bread, cottage cheese and preserves. There were several different desserts to choose from. A fantastic meal….I left there beyond full.

Family-style dinner at The Ox Yoke Inn

Wednesday morning was our final hunt. We were going to sit on the ladder stand and lock-on that we hunted out of the evening before. We had high hopes that the does would come across the field as they had been. Oddly, we had already seen bucks trailing does and bucks with dark tarsal glands as if they were going into a third rut. If everything went as planned the bucks would be following the does.

We had a doe that came out to the middle of the hilltop at 50 yards but she was by herself. We didn’t see any other deer that morning. Since we had to take down the lock-on stand down, take down the blind and pack Clyde for the ride home, we ended our hunt at 9:30 a.m. We had everything done and packed by 11:45 a.m. and was on the road for the 14 hour trip home to Alabama.

I didn’t harvest a deer on this hunt; however, not from the lack of opportunity. Richard and I shared the excitement of seeing a new world to us, we ate good food, challenged ourselves, grew as hunters and we accomplished the one thing that keeps most hunters from hunting late season–staying warm. More importantly, we walked away from this hunt with the enrichment of new friends in our lives; which is priceless. Our deepest appreciation and heartfelt thank you to Lynn Buswell, Teresa Wise and her daughter Samantha, Greg and Billinda Neyman for making our hunt and visit to Iowa such a fantastic time. I only wish we had several more days to have spent visiting, sight seeing, taking pictures and, of course, eating some more of those fine meals. We made memories we will never forget and friends that will last us a lifetime.

View from stand on our last hunt of our trip. So Peaceful!