Sunday morning was foggy and was going to ripen into a warm day. I was in the kitchen talking with some of the women when I realized that it was just about time to leave. I never wear my ScentLok or hunting clothes in the living or common area to keep food smells, smoke and other odors off of them. I do the same with my hunting boots. Normally I try not to let my boots touch anything concrete or asphalt so that means putting them on at the vehicle.

Well, to make a long story short (if that is actually possible with me) I noticed that the time had gotten away from me while I was visiting with others in the kitchen. I hurried to my room and threw on my ScentLok. As I walked out the back door I heard Richard call out my name. UT OH!! I was late and probably holding up someone. I hurried over and picked up my backpack, gun and my safety harness and jogged around the side of the lodge to the the driveway. Cyndi was standing at the back of the buggy and I thought I was holding them up. Actually, Johnny was taking Richard and I to the stand so I actually wasn’t holding anyone up. So I took a minute to put on my safety harness as Richard put my backpack in the back of the buggy. I grabbed my gun and jumped in the front of the buggy as Richard grabbed the camera and got into the back seat of the buggy.

Richard asked Johnny to drop us off half way between the stand and the lodge or somewhere along the main two rut road and we would walk all the way into the stand. Well, we started walking and I guess I walked about 20 yards by the time the headlights of the buggy disappeared down the road. Richard turned his cap light on and we proceeded to walk down the road. All the sudden it crossed my mind that I must have forgotten to lace up the top of my hunting boots because they sure were comfortable around my ankles and loose in the foot bed. All the sudden I stopped. It took Richard about 2 steps before he stopped and looked at me and said “What’s wrong?”

I told him, shine the light on my feet. He did and we both laughed. I HAD MY CROCS ON!! In my hast to get ready quickly, I slap forgot to put my hunting boots on. Thank goodness I had my wool socks on and it wasn’t cold out. We laughed several times about that during the morning. I really was comfortable in the stand.

My new hunting boots.....oops!!

We came in for lunch. It was in my plans that I would grab a bite to eat and then head to the room to pack and load our gear since there were other hunters coming in. Just before I headed to the room Tommie Lea remembered that she had brought pickle slices, corn meal and oil to make FRIED PICKLES since she had never tried them and we talked about it on Facebook. I got busy making fried pickles.

About an hour later I was going to go to the bedroom and pack the bags and have Richard take them to the truck and I was going to go back and help clean the kitchen. Well, that didn’t happen. Richard walked by me in passing and I noticed he grabbed his side. It kind of crossed my mind that it was odd but I headed to the room. As I was packing the bags he came in the room and laid on the bed a second then got right back up and was complaining that his side was really hurting badly. Within the next 30 minutes the pain got so bad that he turned sheet white and could hardly talk. This frightened my since I have NEVER in 17 years seen this man in pain or sick outside of a cold or headache. Now he was standing before me with a pasty look and gasping with every move.

Within a matter of 10 minutes I was loaded in the truck driving like a professional ambulance driver getting him to the closest emergency room. After 2 excruciating hours on an emergency room cot, he was diagnosed with trying to pass a kidney stone.

I was unable to say goodbye to several of the women and I am sure that we made some of them worry the way we took off out of the driveway. We ended up having to stay over an extra night and arrived home on Monday at 4:30 p.m.

I had the best time this weekend sharing stories, jokes, and fellowship with all the ladies, our guide Mike Larimore and his family, Johnny Allison and an occasional scratch on the back for Bullseye the farm tom cat. Our hunt at Big Bucks Timberland was so enjoyable that we hope to make this an annual hunt.

Thank you to Tommie Lea Clanton for coordinating this hunt. A big thank you to Johnny Allison, Mike Larimore and family, Danny Clanton and to all the women who made this such a fun and memorable hunt. I cannot wait for all of us to get together again. I was unable to get a group picture since we left so quickly but I will try to get one from one of the other ladies and post it soon.

Johnny Allison waiting to take the ladies out on Saturday afternoon.

Danny Clanton headed out to pick Vicki Morehead up from her stand Saturday.

The beautiful pond behind the lodge.