I returned home today from the first annual Ladies in Camo hunt at Big Bucks Timberland. We got home a day later than planned, more on that below. We had such a great time…the food, new friends, fellowship and hunting were phenomenal.

Friday night when we arrived I crept up on Cyndi on the back deck and surprised her. She kept saying “Okay! I thought you said you were NOT coming.” It was great seeing her this weekend. She has a full schedule through the first of the year and with her new job and relocation she is not sure that she will make it to the March hunt at Bubba’s camp–so we were glad to spend time with her.

Saturday morning started off with me surprising Christy and Carlee. That was fun!! They didn’t have a clue and Tommie Lea, Johnny and Mike did well keeping it from them since my name was on the stand and guide list.

This weekend was the opening of gun season in Mississippi and the lunar phase was in full moon. All of the ladies saw deer this weekend. Christy Turner harvested a nice bobcat Saturday morning; flipping it into the woods about 10 yards right into a thicket of sticker bushes. Our guide Mike found it and literally had to cut a path to it.

Christy Turner and her bobcat harvest.

Richard and I were in a shooting house on a beautiful green field. We didn’t see anything during our sit and I spent some time catching up on Facebook, my emails and started typing my much needed and past due column piece for the Guru Huntress column on Women’s Outdoor News. Richard made a comment that I was going to miss out on a harvest opportunity one day because of using Crackie. Then 10 minutes later I look over and he is asleep….hmmmm…you think he ever missed an opportunity in a shooting house before?

The beautiful green field we were hunting.

Richard and I in the shooting house.

Me trying to convince Richard that I need to do a little much needed work...multitask...yeah, that is it!

After convincing Richard I was not going to miss anything, I shed the gloves and started typing away. Then I looked over and saw...Richard sleeping

Dr. Pepper and Peanut in the stand...my favorite.

We came out of the shooting house at 10:30 a.m. for our pickup at 11:00 a.m. I wanted to do a little ground taping about the green field and some things I found interesting. We walked back to the pickup point, where we did a little filming. Mike, our guide was right on time.

Coming out of the stand on the morning of our first hunt.

Richard framing the shot for some filming once we got out of the stand.

Me, cracking up over a tongue twister and getting punished by bitting my tongue for saying something I probably shouldn't have.

Cut! That's a wrap! I actually got the footage done the second time without getting thrown by the tongue twister.

Our guide, Mike Larrimore, picking us up.

Saturday, during lunch Richard and Johnny went to a new spot and Richard put a lock-on on the tree and attached the arm so that it would be ready when we got into the stand in the afternoon. This spot was also a really beautiful stand and it was way up there. It was in the open in a high traffic area but the height of the stand kept you concealed from the natural vision height of passing deer.

Tall pines and a stand in the nose bleed section

Watching for passing deer...so far I have seen a couple doe and a racoon.

In the high stand...but not without my favorite morning snack. I have to turn off my wireless mic because the crunching peanuts are loud in Richard's headphones.

Our afternoon hunt was uneventful, only seeing three or four does that came into the small green field. I did have a lizard that hoped off the tree onto my thigh and he made his way all the way down to my hunting boot and just hung out a while with us.

Say Hello to my Leetle freend!

I was looking forward to grilled steak and some good fellowship on Saturday night. We stayed up late chatting away. Tommie Lea gave every one of us a goodie bag with some shirts and hats from Buck Girl and Diva Outfitters. The group gave Tommie Lea a picture frame with a photo of her first deer harvest. She is such an awesome person. She worked herself ragged pulling this hunt together and did so much to make sure that everyone had a wonderful time and when she received her gift from the group, she just teared up and said “Ya’ll didn’t have to do this!” She is such a special and dear person.

Tommie Lea getting an appreciation gift from the group.

Tommie Lea...

Picture frame with Tommie Lea's first harvest. CONGRATULATIONS TOMMIE LEA!

Everyone was in bed by 11:00 p.m. so they would be rested for the morning hunt. The day was going to be much warmer with fog in the area until mid morning. I didn’t have any internet service so I was unable to upload any photos or update my blog…I did, however, catch up on Facebook.