Friday’s weather forecast called for colder temperatures with no precipitation; however we had some fog that kept me having to cover the camera because of the fine mist in the air. There was a buck that came in before sun up but we could not make much of him. After daybreak a spike and a little basket rack buck came by nosing around on the ground where I had freshened up the scrape with Northern Whitetail Scents.

Around mid-day a beautiful little basket rack 8-point came across the field and passed by our stand. He is definitely going to make a nice trophy buck one day; I hope to see him sometime in the future. Shortly after he passed through we had a nice 4×4 mule deer buck in front of our stand set-up. The deer were moving—just not the right ones. Throughout the day we had several does pass by, both mule deer and whitetail.

Whitetail buck on berm across alfalfa field

Mule Deer buck were moving pretty good

This mule deer buck even stopped to check out the Buckmister...I don't think he was too fond of the Eau De Whitetail Doe

This was our second full day in the stand and although it was one of the coldest days yet, the 4 hand warmers I had strategically placed were keeping me warm and comfortable. Time actually went by at a rather brisk pace and I was able to catch a nap or two swapping off watch duties with Richard.

Filming wildlife and watching the woods

Right at dusk, Richard and I were looking out across the alfalfa field when I caught glimpse of something that seemed out of place from what I remembered. I grabbed my Leupold binoculars and glassed the upper end of the field. Lo and behold it was the big buck that Richard was hunting. The same buck that we seen a couple times last season. Richard confirmed that it was the same buck but bigger as he glassed him walking across the field. The buck walked up on top of the berm and looked back across the field. In the meantime, I was struggling to get the camera on him and in focus…arrghh, why is it that you can catch the things you will never use the footage of perfectly but when you have something that is important to capture, EVERYTHING possible gets in the way or keeps you from getting that shot. Why? Why? Why me?

Seeing the big whitetail buck sealed the decision that we would once again plan to sit all day on Saturday. Hunt hard–I always say…rest later!! My back and legs were getting stiff, but it was just one more day….I can do this…yes, I can!

I had to stop and take this picture because it was a perfect resemblance of what my back was feeling like after 61 hours in the stand. Too funny!