Thursday the weather started to turn colder and the forecast was predicting a chance of rain, sleet and snow. It sleeted off and on all morning but we still seen a little deer movement., bundled up and pockets full of handwarmers.

About an hour after daylight a doe and button buck came by our stand. The little button buck was so curious about the ladder stand that he spent several minutes sniffing around the ladder wrung, rails and the ground. The doe and the button buck were oblivious to us being 15 foot above them. Finally, he lost interest and they both walked on. That definitely has to say a lot about out scent control regimen and the products we use. {See photos below.}

A nice 9-point, which was a shooter in my ratings, came by us and went to the other end of the field. Richard passed up on him in hopes of a bigger buck. At around 11:25 a.m. Richard decided he was going to try to make something happen so he started rattling. Within 3 minutes of rattling, Richard looked at the South end of the field and a buck was standing on the berm. Within a matter of seconds it started running towards our stand. Richard stopped rattling and let him come in closer. The buck searched the woods and did not see another deer so he backed out. This was the same 9-point Richard had let walk earlier that morning.

Nice buck that came into our stand set up. Richard passed up on him holding out for the big one.

After seeing how this buck acted to rattling, Richard decided to put the decoy up. We had not used the decoy this morning because it seemed to be driving the does in the other direction. The bucks were just not aggressive enough to want to approach the decoy.

Just before 2 p.m. an 8-point walked into the woods behind us. He walked by us at about 50 yards. The second he seen the decoy, he pinned his ears and bristled up. He walked out of the woods into the field were the decoy was set up. He looked like some had shot helium to him…he was so round looking with his hair standing on end, ears flat back, and neck erect. He walked over to the decoy. He smelled the air, the grass and walked meticulously around the decoy. He never completely circled the decoy, nor did he get closer than 5 yards. He was a nice 8-point and everything inside of me thought that Richard was going to pick up his bow and shoot…but he didn’t, he just watched the buck. The buck walked a horseshoe around the decoy back and forth and then ultimately lost interest and walked away. {See photos below.}

It had been spitting sleet and rain all day off and on and my biggest concern was keeping the camera dry. We were comfortable in the stand and sat from 5:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. When we came down, we ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut and headed to the house to get in bed early for Friday’s all-day hunt.