Wanted: Monster Buck

Saturday, November 6th: Whew!! What a LONG 30 plus hours since my last nights sleep; although I snuck-in about 3 hours of sleep in the truck and napped on our 30-minute drive from the land to the cabin. I am running out of fuel but not adrenaline.

Richard, tuckered after the long drive and a day of scouting and hanging stands.

We were able to get so much done today and in record time, thanks to Hank. We actually had the truck unloaded within 45 minutes and were changed into scouting clothes and out the door in under an hour. We scouted the 200 acres that is the homestead, placing a camera in a hot spot. We saw 8 mule deer on the homestead property. A spike was tending a doe that was not quite ready to be submissive. It was obvious that this doe was an older doe; she was a little poor and even looked a little stowed up with joint ailments.

We placed two separate stand locations in a prime area that we feel really confident in. Richard really worked hard on placing both stands for the best view.

Richard placing ladder stand and cameraman stand.

I took extra time to put out Northern Whitetail Scents in some scraps and used the fighting mad gel on some licking branches….the magic potion!!

Sweetening up a scrape with Northern Whitetail Scents

Putting the magic potion on licking branches.

I had the opportunity to sit on the knoll behind the cabin just before sunset and on my way to the top of the knoll I found a whitetail button buck that had unfortunately misjudged a fence and it was the death of him. It is so sad to find these things while scouting or in the woods.

Today was definitely proof that Hank the HuntVe was worth hauling all the way to Kansas. We not only saved time in transporting stands and using it to place cameras all over the property; we also were able to cover three times more ground in half the time. Life through the windshield of Hank was not only useful; but also fun. I rinsed Hank off before coming in these evening and as I was doing so I saw a portion of a rainbow just over the alfalfa field behind the cabin.

LIFE through Hank's windshield IS GOOD!!

A portion of a rainbow over the field behind the cabin...hope it brings us luck.

I have everything laid out for tomorrow mornings hunt, I cooked supper…if you can call warming up a can of Campbell’s Bean and Bacon Soup and making grilled cheese sandwiches cooking. And I am about to turn in for the night with high hopes of deer movement in our hunting area tomorrow morning.