What seemed like would NEVER get here is now 9 hours behind us!! We are Northwest bound to Kansas for over a week’s worth of whitetail hunting. Rut reports are in our favor for this week’s hunt. A neatly loaded truck (with leg room), Hank the HuntVe in tow, 20 straight hours of driving, a cooler with lunch meat, Welch’s grape juice, a fresh loaf of bread, coupled with a day of scouting, putting up stands, bow hunting during prime rut in a state known for big bucks…it just doesn’t get any better than that!! Well, maybe add to that list a Dr. Pepper with Peanuts and a good nights rest after being up a straight 36 hours!!

Clyde & Hank loaded and ready to head North.

Lunch on the road....Mmmm...Mmmmm!!!

We are armed this year with the knowledge from previous years of hunting this land. We have a game plan and know the areas we will need to get game cameras and stands placed. Having Hank this year is going to cut that time in half for us. I have to be honest and say all the hard work and self-guiding is what makes out hunts most memorable for both of us. There is nothing more gratifying than self-guiding yourself on a hunt; be it successful or not, just being in the woods is almost beyond words.

As we count down the states and the hours, we can’t help but be giddy with anticipation of what the week might bring…be it a successful harvest or many memorable hours in the stand together, we will no doubt have great memories from yet another annual Kansas hunt.

Mississippi State Line...4 more to go!

Tennessee State Line...3 more to go!!

Arkansas State Line...just 2 more to go!!

I better get a little nap so I can take over driving in a little while. Good luck to all those hunting this weekend and safe travels…hunt hard, harvest ethically and may your drag be short.

As the day comes to a close, we are grateful for our health, wellbeing and the means to enjoy God's creations.