Sunday, I officially started packing for our trip to Kansas. First thing on my To-Do list that morning was to vacuum and dust the den since that is where the notorious “pile” will start. It started off with a case, two blind chairs, a bag with our safety harnesses and it has progressively grown over the course of the last few days. The walls are surely closing in..hour by hour.

My days at work are filled with me constantly jotting reminders down on little Post-It Notes adding them to my computer bag and, when I get the chance, a quick glance at my To-Do List. In exactly 49 hours, Richard and I will be headed down the Interstate Northwest bound to Kansas for 8 days of hunting. This is a trip we take every year (usually twice in November) and we drive straight through the 19-20 hours to arrive at our destination. I always look forward to the drive–but I am sure it is because I am the passenger for at least 15 hours of it. I can get so much done, so many things caught up, and if I have good phone service I can do several things at once. I have a list for that as well…I think I need a list for keeping my lists straight!

Jaxon is going to miss us, his momma for sure, he has reservations about Richard but since he has been getting treats from Richard he is warming up to him….after two years. I hope he likes the pet-sitter or he might just take revenge by shredding some new furniture in my home–you never can tell with a pet like him. Needless to say, I am definitely going to miss him. No 3:45 a.m. fuzzy face staring over my shoulder! No attacks as I pass by the chairs in front of the fire place. No scratching on the shower door while I am in the shower. No talking to me and supervising while I cook in the kitchen. Yep, I am going to miss the little fur ball.

Looking at the forecast for the next 10 days, it looks like we will be experiencing highs in the 50-60s, with some days in the 40s and lows in the 20-teens. This will be a big difference from what our weather is like in Alabama right now. We bought an entire box of handwarmers and packed extra thermals and our wool hunting clothes. This year we will be sitting in the same tree, hunter and camera person, so I packed my big backpack so I can tote two of everything to the stand. Upon our arrival we will hit the ground scouting as soon as we are able to change, spray down and unload Hank, the HuntVe. Scouting will take half the time this year with Hank and we will be able to place cameras and stands much quicker than in the past.

The first two days are always a lot of scouting and work and it is definitely not hard to get to bed early since we are usually exhausted and do not have television anyways. I barely have internet…it is hit or miss. But the hunt makes those tiring days worth every minute.

As the anticipation grows, along with my To-Do list…the next two days should bring a wave of red ink to those lists as I mark items off. Tonight everything will be packed and waiting at the den door to be placed in the truck and on the trailer on Thursday night. Inevitably we will forget some small detail that will hit me at the last minute, bringing on the wave of “Oh my gosh!!! I am forgetting something!!” The feeling will stay with me until 1) Richard convinces me that whatever we forgot, we can buy when we get there and 2) when we get to that point that we are too far to turn-around!!