Mountain View Plantation, Delta, Alabama (Clay County) The beautiful Cheaha Mountains in the background.

What an outstanding weekend!! We had the best time at Mountain View Plantation. We enjoyed it so much, I not only booked a Turkey Hunt opening weekend, we have decided to have a ladies bow hunt there next October. Look for this announcement on Facebook, Women’s Outdoor News and on this blog.

Sundays hunt was uneventful. It was nice to sit there in the stand taking in all of the sights and sounds of the woods. About an hour and a half after day break we had four hens come marching past us on a mission. One of them was purring away contently to the the other three. The third in line had to be this years’ hen; she wasn’t much bigger than a thin chicken. The lead bird was purring and marching along, never stopping to check anything out on the ground. The second hen stopped to look at something on the ground and the little hen ran quickly up to the second bird. The fourth hen, well, she must have been scolded by the boss hen not to let anyone get out of line cause she bumped into the other two raising cane the whole time; hurrying them along. Yep, they were definitely on a mission. I love seeing things like that.

About an hour later, I heard rustling leaves about 100 yards from the stand. I motioned to Richard that I was hearing something and he got the camera ready. It stopped for about a minute and then started back. As the sound got closer, we both got a glimpse through the underbrush of a very dark animal with a long tail and blond at the end of its tail as it ran (rather quickly) across the woods in front of us at about 50 yards. We are assuming that it had to be a coyote or possibly a wild dog. That coyote had to be carrying something dead, because when it got past us and we were directly down wind we had the most rancid smell that lingered for about 10 minutes or so. It was definitely something decaying. I was glad to have a ScentLok mask on that shielded the smell some. I have never experienced anything like that and I hope I don’t have that experience again. It was just short of running us both out of the tree and away from the area.

At 10:30 a.m. we gathered our gear, took the lock-on down and headed back toward the truck. Whew, this was going to be my last time to climb this hill or at least until I come back for the turkey hunt in March….but my plans are to be in much better shape and to have Hank, the HuntVe with us.

Packing it in and heading to the truck...calling the hunt!

We actually had the opportunity to quail hunt a little bit when we got back to the lodge. I always enjoy watching the dogs work. Richard had a young dog that he wanted to work with his seasoned dog and that was really neat watching the training.

Watching the dogs work a covey


Waiting for a flush.

Mountain View has some awesome bird dogs; and Harley. We can’t forget Harley….he makes sure of it when you approach the dog kennels. I have posted some pictures to share with you; however, the STAR dog, Diamond, was busy signing autographs and visiting with his fans so you will have to see him in the field photos above.

Mountain View Plantation employee--Bird Dog

Mountain View Plantation employee--Occupation: Bird Dog

Mountain View Plantation employee--Occupation: Kennel Queen

Mountain View Plantation employee--Occupation: The Entertainment

Mountain View Plantation employee--Occupation: The Jester

And last but not least, Mountain View Plantation employee--Occupation: Harley, the impostor...Shhh!! Don't tell him he doesn't have spots and that a dog biscuit is NOT a quail. It will hurt his feelings.

There was a group of men that came to shoot 5 stand after church. It was really neat to see the generation spread of this group. From Grand Father all the way down to teenagers…definitely several generations. Now that is what I call an excellent way to spend Sunday afternoon after church.

Richard Sprayberry pulling the targets on the five stand.

A variety of guns were shot.

The new Browning Cynergy and several other guns.

One of the shooters in the group.

Shooting the #6 a springing teal.

There is nothing like the smell of spent shotgun shell smoke. Whew!!

We were on our way home by 4:00 p.m. chattering away about the weekend. We cannot wait to visit again with Richard and Stephanie at Mountain View Plantation in just a short 5 months. We experienced some of the best accommodations, fellowship, food, hunting and fun this weekend and it is times like this that it makes me proud to be a hunter among others who ethically share the same interests–even if I did have to take a little bit a “ribbing” for letting the 7 point walk!! I know in my heart someone else is going to experience joy from harvesting that buck and my bet is on Megan, Stephanie’s daughter. πŸ™‚ Good luck Megan.

I do want to say congratulations to Chase Miller for harvesting an awesome buck while we were at Mountain View Plantation and good luck in the Alabama Outdoor News Truck Buck Shoot-Out. Click here for more information on this contest. (

Chase Miller with his nice 10 Point Buck harvest.

Thank you to the fine folks at Mountain View Plantation for this great experience and for outstanding hospitality while we were there. Looking forward to our turkey hunt and Ladies bow hunt.

We can't wait to return....

I can't wait to share some stories with friends around the MVP fire pit on the back porch.