We are about to hit the road on another adventure. We are headed to Mountain View Plantation for a whitetail bowhunt and some clay shooting. I spent the better part of last evening pulling gear together for this trip and putting it in the designated spot for loading bright and early in the morning.

Tonight, we attended a QDMA Banquet in Alexander City, Alabama, which means we will be getting home late this evening. I am thankful that our gear is ready and waiting to be loaded because after spending the day moving our office at my full time job; I will be more than happy to lay my bones down on my bed tonight.

The QDMA banquet was GREAT; a Low Country Shrimp boil, Milo’s sweet tea, good friends, 3 “lucky” drawing tickets and a “lucky” gun board ticket. We walked away with some really great prizes and a compound bow. QDMA is such a great organization and we are proud to be part of it.

Quality deer management has made a huge difference in the quality of deer we have in our area. A balanced doe to buck ratio, strict land management and educating our members and hunters is important and something that QDMA helps instill in us. If you have not heard of this organization or would like to find out more, visit the QDMA website at http://www.qdma.com/.

It is midnight and I have set my clock an hour earlier to pull a few last minute things together when I get up in the morning. I know I will not have a problem going to sleep tonight as I go through “the list” in my head of what needs to be done before we step out the door in the morning.

Just in case, there is a pen and note pad on my night stand for those moments when I bolt straight up in bed in the middle of the night because I just remembered I forgot to pack something or do something….I will take a second to jot the item down on the note pad, only using what little light I can steal from the night light. This allows me to go right back to sleep, soundly, without worrying that I will forget that item in the morning or without getting up to do or get the item. Works great for me.