Fueling up for our trip to Lake Hancock, Florida

We were out the door with the few bags that I had packed. What an odd feeling, this is the first HUNT that I have ever gone on where I did not have a single piece of camo–not counting my favorite camo ballcap–no hunting gear or ammo. We have been on the road a good two hours and every nerve ending is screaming “WAIT!! You have forgotten something!!” Nope, no camo, gear or ammo on this trip. Just the video camera, crocks, jeans and t-shirts.

This will be my first trip hunting gator and I have no clue what to expect; but I can tell you this–I am very excited that we will be creeping around on the lake, in the dark, hunting gator bubbles for the catch of a lifetime. Whew!! I have chills, just thinking about it. My friend, Pat Hendrixson from Indiana will be hunting on this trip as well and this is also her first gator hunt.

How much fun can two women have in a boat on a big lake hunting swamp lizards in the pitch black of night?? I plan to bring that to you here in my blog; stay tuned.