Saturday was an exciting day for me! It was the beginning of the fall season…the work, the scouting, the preparation! Richard and I put out 6 game cameras. I washed hunting clothes, packed all of my gear and clothes for the bear hunt. While I was in the gear room I took inventory of a few things that I needed to stock up on for our season. This is always an exciting time…not knowing what the season has in store for us.

Earlier last week Richard was shooting his bow in the back yard and walked right by a Copperhead snake, twice. The snake was less than 15 yards from our back deck. We don’t kill every poisonous snake we encounter but if they are in our yard, at the lodge or in an area where we could possibly come in contact with it, we kill them. This one was just a little too close to home.

A 3.5 foot Copperhead snake that was 15-20 yards off our back deck where we shoot our bows.

With that encounter, I didn’t leave home without my snake boots for our day in the woods.

Snake boots...didn't leave home without them.

I can’t explain the excitement I felt as we pulled off the asphalt and headed down the old two rut road to one of the spots I hunted several times last season.

Anticipation and excitement dwelled inside me as we pulled off the asphalt onto this familar two-rut road.

Anticipation and excitement dwelled inside me as we pulled off the asphalt onto this familar two-rut road.

I was a little disappointed to find that there were no persimmons in the persimmon patch. There are about 20 trees in that area and there were not enough persimmons to fill a coffee can. But I didn’t let that discourage me because there is a planted food source just around the corner and some clover planted about 500 yards from that area.

Plant it & they will come...

Feed them & they will grow!

The Whitetail Institute clover that returned this year looked beautiful across the green fields.

We put out a total of 6 cameras this weekend in several spots that we normally start off with every pre-season to get an idea of what might be in the area. I was thankful for the cooler weather and slight breeze; it made it pleasant to be out. We actually got done early and was back at the house in time for me to get several loads of hunting clothes washed that I could mark off my To-Do List for Sunday.

Richard putting out the first game camera.

Putting out a game camera in a hot spot.

Richard will go back next weekend and pull the cards and check them while I am out of town. We had a great day and at one point we rescued a baby turtle and helped it across the road on the highway.

We had to stop and help this little guy across the road at some point during the day.

We had several laughs during the day…especially when I got a huge glob of cow dung on me and borrowed Richard’s pocket knife to scrape it off and asked “Where to next?” without even missing a beat. You know you are a country girl when something like that doesn’t stop you from the “important” tasks at hand.

Nothing but a thing...where to next?

Sunday, I spent the day packing my bags and gear in preparation for my bear hunt next week. I actually will not leave until next Saturday morning, but having a full work week ahead of me, and with Clyde going to the shop for an oil change, a dinner appointment and some writing that needs to be completed, I wanted to make sure that I was in a good position to pack the truck easily on Friday night and get to bed early in time for my early morning departure; the entire trip will be a 25 hour drive that I planned to break up over the weekend.

This weekend was a productive one; spending most of the day outside on Saturday and the entire day in the house on Sunday but I ended the weekend with much anticipation and excitement for the coming season…it all began this weekend with the preseason preparation and scouting. Then next week, a bear hunt with Big Paws Outfitters in Minnesota and the following week an alligator hunt with Rebel Yelp Outfitters; both will be a first for me. I hope everyone is as excited for the season as we are and I hope you are busy preparing for the season. Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe hunting season.

I ended the weekend with a lot of anticipation for the season and giddy with the thought of what the season might bring.