Women’s Snow Goose hunt in Southern Illinois:
This is a guided two-day hunt with Jagermister Outfitters, LLC in Southern Illinois; just outside of Carlyle. Whether you are a new or polished goose hunter, you are invited. This hunt is limited to 8 women hunters. Please see the information below for details.

February 12th & 13th, 2011
Plan to arrive at the lodge on Friday, February 11th after 2:00 p.m. Hunting will take place all day Saturday and the majority of the day on Sunday, breaking both days for a warm lunch.

Lynn Buswell, Jagermister Outfitters, LLC
Website: http://www.jagermisteroutfitters.com/location.html
Email: goosehunter67@hotmail.com
Cell: 319-213-0991

The hunt will take place on privately leased property just outside of Carlyle, Illinois. The hunt will be in crop fields hunting from layout blinds. You do not have to have your own layout blind.

The fee for this hunt is $350.00 which includes lodging. Meals can be as a group at restaurants in the local town or cooked in the full kitchen at the lodge. Hunters will be responsible for the cost of their meals.

NO LIMIT per day on Snow Geese

License & Stamps:
The required license and stamps:
102 Non-resident Hunting License-5-Day License $35.75
600 State Electronic Migratory Waterfowl Stamp $15.50
970 Electronic State Habitat Stamp $5.50
License and Stamps can be purchased online at: http://www.dnr.illinois.gov/hunting/Pages/WaterfowlDove.aspx

Equipment needed:
For those of you who have hunted goose, bring what combination of gear and equipment that works well for you.
Shotgun case-all guns must be in a case when in a moving vehicle or utility vehicle. Soft-sided cases work well for this.
Several boxes of high brass BB steel shot or tungsten shot (no lead shot)
Modified choke
Camo clothing, preferably water repelling or water resistant in case of rain
Plenty of layers…it is usually still pretty cold in February.
Rubber boots
Hand warmers
Neck gaiter
Wool cap

To reserve and confirm your hunt, you will need to forward a 50% deposit of $175. If you are mailing a check, it will be cashed upon receipt and the funds held until the day prior to the event. Please email or call Lynn for the mailing address and/or if you should have any questions.