It is pre-season and my days are starting to gear up. I have already started conditioning and shooting my bow with anticipation. Starting this weekend my house will be buzzing with chores to get done in preparation for the season. First, I need to take stock on the items that I need to replenish. I am going to have to delve into both backpacks, mine and Richard’s, to see what needs to be replaced. I usually end up finding mini-snicker bars, half full water bottles and inevitably an open bottle of No-Doz floating around in Richard’s backpack…of course, I only find wrappers in mine.

I throw any open containers of scent-free items and attractants in the trash. I believe that the scent destroying sprays and attractants have a shelf life and I am not going to take a chance only to find out it doesn’t work…I value my time, effort and money spent in efforts of the hunt to ruin it over an $8 bottle of scent destroying spray or a $6 bottle of attractant….so out with the old and in with the new.

The laundry…what I always fret over the most; but I shouldn’t complain because our piles combined make for several entire loads of like-kind materials which make it easier than dividing the wash into 3 small piles. Washing the ScentLok, reactivating it and storing it in bags. Contrary to what people may think, Richard and I do things differently which is fine and we accept that and work around it. I seal all of my clothes in 2.5 gallon zip lock bags and store them in a huge Rubbermaid tub with a locking lid. I have raingear in one bag, Scent-Lok in a bag, BDUs and long sleeve shirts in a bag, accessories such as gloves, face masks, neck gators and taboggons in a bag, socks in a bag, and skivies and sports bras in another bag. Richard stores his hunting clothes folded neatly in a Rubbermaid tub and throws in a couple sheets of Earth scented fabric softeners–Peeuuwww, that smell stiffles my sinuses. Storing my clothes in Ziplock make it easy to throw our clothes together in one tub or scent-locker, where that Earth scent doesn’t permeate my clothes.

Reconditioning my snake boots, light hunting boots and heavy duty boots is next on the list and is pretty much a half a day of work. I brush then off with a good stiff brush, clean them with scent-free conditioning cleaner, let them sun dry on the back deck and seal them with Sno-Seal by Atsko. That stuff works magic by sealing seams, conditioning wear areas and placing a waterproof barrier on the boot….all leather and material areas. I always do Richard’s boots at the same time.

Refletching our arrows is a chore that I do while watching television at night so it doesn’t seem like a chore at all actually. This year I am waiting on an order of arrows to come in before I can do this. However, I have all the other supplies waiting and ready. Next is sighting-in our rifles to make sure the scopes have not been moved while in storage between season.

There are many things to do, a few items to buy and a whole lot of excitement building…all that lie between me and my first hunt of the season is a short 3 weeks and a 25 hour drive; you can bet I will be ready to load up and head North when it is time.