What a blast!! How much more fun can a group of people have when you throw in a friendly bow competition, good food, a lot of laughs and great tales? That is exactly what the weekend brought for approximately thirty people at the Talkhuntin.com Southern Party…the last one of its kind. Next year will bring one event to a centrally located place for members coming from all areas.

Our day started off with a fine camp-style breakfast, complete with coffee and orange juice. If you find yourself hungry at Bubba’s camp…it is your own fault; there is always some kind of cooking going on.

After breakfast Robert/HM and Brent/cobracan rounded up the entire group for a safety talk and to review the rules of the 3-D competition before everyone headed out to the range. What a time the group had and with minimal amount of smack-talk….well, maybe a little more between Justin/Thwack and Frank/fellis….definitely a plethora of entertainment, no doubt.

Annette, Ashley, Luanne and Tommie Lea were the lady shooters and they sure didn’t give the guys any slack throughout the course. There were shots as close as 10 yards and others as far as 55 yards; some shots were a little trickier than others by taking advantage of steep hills or tree clusters.

The entire shoot took about three hours and there were three groups of four and one group of three shooters. We witnessed a few trick shots….not so much like Tommie Lea’s dead center sapling shot….but more like Denny’s 55 yard, double 20 shot. By the time the group got to the end of the 15-target course, we were all ringing wet with sweat; a true scorcher outside.

Denny/bugfixer ended up placing first, Robert/HM placed second and Chip/Chipper placed third. Robert was gracious enough to pass his lead onto Chip who definitely deserved the second place win; shooting a recurve bow that was set up for long distances…good shooting Chipper—and what a beautiful bow he had.

After the shoot, folks sat around visiting, sharing laughs, swapping hunt stories and techniques and eating lunch; some even retreated to their campers to take a nap = translates to Richard/NockAnother1.

Later in the afternoon, Tommie Lea/Fat Pine and I took a ride through the woods…..a slow meticulous ride, never getting out of second gear. Fat Pine didn’t want to “scare” me!! She is so funny and such a treat to be around. I was finally able to meet her husband, Danny Clanton/gunseller. Bugfixer and his family, cookin’s daughter, tncowboy, tncowgirl and their sweet dog, Belle, also joined in on riding around on the trail system at West Fork Hunting club.

The evening brought more fellowship and John Thibedeaux/cookin’s famous Cajun microware pork, Bubba’s white beans, candies yams, goulash, salad and for desert, cake….birthday cake! Tncowgirl was sweet enough to make Annette and I a birthday cake, from scratch—the entire cake including the buttercream icing. Thank you again Luanne; the cake was delicious. Tncowgirl also made a Talkhunting 2nd Anniversary cake.

After dinner the chatter around the social area was buzzing with groups chit chatting and visiting with each other. NockAnother1 and bcotton were deep into conversation about hunting out West. WVWhitetail, cookin, HM, Mrs. HM, Mrs. Bugfixer, Thwack, bogo, possum, puddlejumper, BubbaBrown and fellis were all catching up, sharing hunt stories and enjoying some great camaraderie. Fat Pine and I walked from group to group visiting.

At nearly 1 a.m. the few left outside were headed to bed for much needed rest. By daybreak the camp started buzzing again with the crew loading up to head home. The weekend was over and what a grand time we all had. With so much turmoil going on in the world from our troops overseas to the BP crisis, it is nice to know that we can reprieve and enjoy great fellowship, even if only for a brief weekend.

Thank you to Bubba Ledbetter/BubbaBrown for being such a gracious host and to Bubba and the entire crew that worked so hard in putting this event together. Talkhuntin.com is by far one of the best websites and group of folks that I have ever been “family” with.