It just couldn’t get here quick enough; Friday 5:00 p.m. that is. Richard and I were headed over to West Fork Hunting Club in Liberty, Mississippi to the Southern Anniversary Party. Good food, great fun, swell folks and comradeship that was guaranteed to leave lasting memories. We decided to pack light on this trip leaving the ATV and bow cases at home. Unfortunately we did forget one thing that we were designated to bring–a cooler of with venison smoked sausage and summer sausage! I hope the ice lasts through the weekend…if it does, it looks like we will be eating many meals of venison smoked sausage and summer sausage next week. Any recipe ideas?

The Sun is setting over Mississippi on Route 84...THAT, or Bubba and the crew done set the WOODS ON FIRE!!

I am looking forward to seeing some of my TH friends…friends with names like BubbaBrown, Huntmaster, Bugfixer, cobricon, bcotton, CamoandPearls aka FatPine, tncowboy, tncowgirl, puddleJumper, possum, WVWhitetail, Thwack, bogo, cookin, fellis, SWGA….the list goes on. Tonight started off with Bubba’s Famous Mudbug Etoufee and a meet and greet. Tomorrow will be interesting with a 20 target 3-D competition, an ATV ride and just sitting around visiting with others followed by supper and some more jaw-fat time. Just a whole lot of fun and fellowship.

I have been a member of since September 2008 and have enjoyed the forum because it was different than so many others I had joined or visited as a guest. From this forum grew friendships and acquaintances that made you feel like you had a big group at the hunting camp, sitting around the campfire, shooting the breeze about a variety of topics; but usually hunting related. There is always an answer there and usually more ways than one to skin a rabbit. I can’t right about TH without mentioning the free prize drawing every month. I have one both years I have been a member…woo hoo!! If you have the opportunity, you should go to the website and join. It’s free, it’s fun and you will meet hunters in your own state as well as all 50 states and outside the borders of the U.S. I must caution you, it is addicting, but it is a good addiction!

This weekend should prove to be a fun-filled weekend and I wish all my friends could be there too. I hope to bring you pictures and stories; who knows, maybe a few candid shots. What ever you are doing this weekend and wherever you may roam….safe travels and have fun.