Now that turkey season is over and it is just about too hot and humid to hunt feral hogs, it is time to pay some attention to tasks that I have put off because of the lack of time during hunting season. I am contemplating an improved blog, with video footage, podcasts and more pictures. I am working on the transitions now. I am still learning my way around the MacBook Pro and iMac, along with taking some online courses for Aperture 3 and Final Cut. I love learning new things and always welcome a challenge so I am happy that I am busy with that.

Jaxon is thoroughly bored with laptops. He thinks if you can't chew on the cables, what are they good for?

Jaxon REALLY doesn't like sharing with the laptop...bored again!


AND yet AGAIN...

This is definitely the time of year to start paying attention to where we step and reach, at least for us Southerners: rattlesnakes are on the move. Richard killed a 5 foot plus timber rattler last weekend while he was bushhogging the planted pines behind our house.

Timber Rattler 5 foot plus with 10 rattles and a button

Rattles...10 plus a button

You can see where the bushhog hit him and made him extremely mad. They really are pretty snakes.

This is why I let Richard lead in the woods...he is a good shot. This snake was full of venom.

We are preparing the area behind our home for an archery shooting range. Richard has been hard at work with that project and has even drawn plans for a raised platform; not only for a platform but also an extended pole for a lock on stand to shoot from. I am really excited about that since I have not had the opportunity to shoot a bow since November and I am looking forward to starting an early practice regimen. My first bow hunt will be an entire month earlier this year; a bear hunt in Minnesota.

At the end of the first day clearing...much more to be done to the left of this area.

I will be working diligently the next few weeks on my bow season product line up. In the meantime I will be bringing you some off-season product reviews through Women’s Outdoor News. I am headed to the clay shooting range this weekend to field test some new products for some upcoming reviews. I am looking forward to spending some time on the sporting clays range with my friend Jeanne Emmons, who I haven’t seen much of since I was unable to shoot 3-D this season. I am also anxious to see how much the OSP school has helped with my performance on the range. I hope to bring you some photos from this weekend–but hopefully not of more snakes.

Feel free to leave comments or send me an email on what products you would be interested in seeing more info on; or just to let me know what you are doing during the off-season. Wishing all of my blog followers a wonderful summer!