The group: Front Row (L-R) Pat Hendrixson, Nancy Jo Adams, Tommie Lea Clanton Back Row (L-R) D.W. Magness, Christy Turner, Cyndi Penn and Carlee Magness

Saturday morning started off damp with several light showers during our hunt. Richard and I had already scouted a spot we were going to sit in. Once we were set up and the gobbling started we realized that we really needed to be in another spot nearby so we quickly moved. When we were settled in the new spot we could still hear the toms gobbling on the roost. We could clearly hear the gobbles from 5 different birds in two different areas. It wasn’t long before they were on the ground; still gobbling good.

Richard was able to call them in from a long ways off and they could not have been more than 200 yards from us at their closest point. The only problem was that it was 75 yards from us to the fence line and an additional 125 yards over the fence on the adjacent property which was not the property we had permission to hunt. Richard worked all the tricks to try to talk them into our set up and he even moved away from me and the decoys so the toms would think the hens were leaving in the opposite direction. Those two toms were just not coming off that hill and through that barbed wire fence. Eventually the gobbling went in the other direction away from us.

Before we called the hunt, we walked to the fence line to glass the field. We made plans to come back in the afternoon and try to roost these birds and see if we could get in a better vantage point for them to see the decoys so they would come in with little calling. It was 10 a.m. and I had just received a text from Tommie Lea asking if we had seen or heard anything. She mentioned that they were thinking about breakfast so we planned on every one meeting at the K-Bar Café for brunch. The entire group was there and sharing stories from their morning hunts. Before we loaded up and headed to the hotel we decided on coyote hunting. Pat was going to sit out this hunt and get some sleep.

An hour later we were headed down the road on my first ever coyote hunt. I did not have plans to hunt coyote so I was toting my still camera to take pictures of the group and anything of interest. I have to admit that coyote hunting was fun.

D.W. Hitting the distress call for us.

DW let out some distress calls and the shooters were on the ridge ready and waiting. We stayed in that spot about 15-20 minutes then we moved on to a new spot. We had another light shower come through and we all huddled under small trees to keep the rain off of us best we could.

Cyndi, Christy and Carlee ready and waiting.

We walked some more of the land and ended up back to a pond close to the trucks. Tommie Lea wanted to shoot her pistol and before we knew it, we were all participating in shooting pistols at a floating stick in the pond. Tommie Lea was shooting like Clint Eastwood, Cyndi was shooting gangster-style, Carlee put a little twist into the stance and made it her own, Christy made the gun look HUGE and I just shot to be part of the fun because we all know I can’t hit the side of a barn with a pistol at a distance. We laughed and cut up so much my sides were hurting.

Carlee making it look easy.

Christy makes this pistol look HUGE!

Clint Eastwood doesn't have anything on Tommie Lea

Cyndi..I got really, I got this!

Time flew by and it was time to head back to the hotel for a quick nap before heading back out to hunt at 4:00 p.m. Richard did get a nap but I downloaded pictures and worked on some emails and caught up on Facebook.

I woke Richard at 3:45 p.m. and we quickly gathered our gear and headed out the door. The others were waiting downstairs for their rides. Cyndi loaded up with us and we were off. It was threatening to storm the entire time we were out in the field and a couple times a light drizzle fell. We did not hear a single gobble but we did hear coyotes in the distance. Cyndi was hunting the South end of the property that we were on since there was plenty of room for all of us and she was unsuccessful at hearing anything on the property she hunted earlier in the morning. She wasn’t hearing anything on her side of the property. Richard and I made plans to come back to the same spot we were in on our morning hunt. We called the hunt and picked up Cyndi and headed back to the hotel to wait on the others.

We enjoyed visiting with each other over pizza as we laughed and cut up until we called it a night. Tomorrow everyone was going to be in the same hunting spots with the same guides…we were hoping for better weather.