Welcome to Okemah, Oklahoma


Everyone arrived in Okemah, Oklahoma safely and giddy to get into the woods on Saturday morning. Richard and I were fortunate enough to arrive early so that we could meet with D.W. and Carlee to get acclimated with the different hunting areas that each of us would be hunting in.There were some beautiful flowers in the fields that we were riding through and Carlee mentioned that the flowers were Indian Paint Brushes, the State flower. They were everywhere like our buttercups and dandelions in Alabama.

Indian Paintbrush--Oklahoma's state flower

Richard and I tried to go out and scout our designated spot but were unsuccessful, more so for the crazy weather; it was raining one minute, sunshine one minute, and the temperature fluctuated 5-10 degrees at any given point. We were able to find us a spot to set up in for tomorrow morning.

Rain, rain go away..this was on our trip out to the property to scout today.

After our little scouting excursion, we met Pat, Tommie Lea and Melissa at the hotel. Christy was an hour away and Cyndi had just text me to let me know that she had just left her home. This is one awesome group…each bringing their own strength to the collection. This is going to prove to be one awesome weekend.

Each of us did our own thing until we were to meet for dinner later in the evening. That meant a couple of hours sleep for Richard and I since we were going on 3 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. Life is good when it is busy!!

We had a dinner with our hosts and guides, D.W., Carlee and Carlee’s father, Shug. Carlee was chosen to guide Christy on her first ever turkey hunt and it was evident that Christy was ecstatic to be experiencing the event. Shug was chosen to guide Pat and he had a backup plan already in play if they did not hear any birds in the morning. D.W. was chosen to guide Tommie Lea and her friend, Melissa…this was going to be an experience for him…Tommie Lea and Melissa are a hoot. Melissa proved to be a lot like her sister Joy, who hunted at the hog hunt in Mississippi in March; hilarious!! It was decided that Cyndi would go out with Richard and I in the morning and Richard will show her the boundary line of the property she will be hunting, as well as a roosting area. And, as usual, Richard and I would hunt together and had our spot picked out on our designated property.

The plan was to hunt in the morning and those that wanted to coyote hunt would have the opportunity in the middle of the day. We even tossed around the idea of shooting clays but will definitely have something to do.

When we got back to the hotel tonight we had an instructional on how to put up the Sasquatch Blind right in the parking lot of the hotel…needless to say we had some onlookers.

The weather is calling for 70% chance of rain tomorrow but everyone has raingear already packed in their turkey vests…fear none, we will be hunting Rio Grande turkey tomorrow, come rain or shine.