I know, I know…I said I would update my blog nightly but when you read this entry you will wholeheartedly understand why I was unable to post all the shenanigans here for your entertainment. Gosh, where do I start?

This, by far, was an event filled hunt. This trip started off with plenty of time to spare upon our departure to ending with lost luggage upon our arrival. One of our bags ended up taking a flight to Salt Lake City and would not arrive in Billings until the next day at 12:45 p.m.!! Of course, as Murphy would have it, our bag that held our entire hunting gear: base layers, camo, hunting boots, wool socks, turkey vests…all of our gear. I guess we needed to be thankful that the shotguns made the trip okay—almost, more on that later in this post.

Our final destination was over 70 miles one-way therefore, if we did not stick around to claim our bag on Wednesday, Fed Ex would pickup and deliver our bag on Thursday. As it was we were already missing a day of hunting and if we didn’t wait around for our luggage we would miss two days. So we grabbed a hotel and decided to stick around.

The bags came as promised and we were on our way to Central Montana to hunt the Merriams we have waited to for an entire year. I had a goal and that goal was to complete my Grand Slam. I was dead set that I was going to achieve that with this final bird. Well as all hunters know it is never that easy and the hunts that you long for the most are the ones that seem to be the hardest to achieve. This hunt is definitely not the exception.

We spoke with our friend Glenn on our trip to Montana. Low and behold a full two feet of snow fell on the mountains of Montana were were hunting in and five foot on an undisclosed “honey hole” that we were going to hunt. Okay, two to five foot of snow and lost luggage that is now in our possession—we are still going to make this work. Yep! Yep, we are.

We were able to meet with Glenn and head out to an area with the least amount of snow—which, in some areas were still up to my knees. We crept out to the area that he thought