Montgomery, AL Airport: Bags checked, gun case checked, intro footage rolled, and plenty of time to spare. This trip has started off right! This will be a long day with more layovers than flight time….departure from Montgomery, Alabama at 10:52 a.m….arrival in Billings, Montana at 10:49 p.m. Long day!!

Sitting on the Tarmac in Nashville, TN: Three flights down and no set-backs. Well, that may not be the case for the next two days. I just got word from Glenn, our gracious host, that there is a new two feet of snow on the ground in Roy, Montana. Now for a southerner like me that computed to having to wait for a bird to decide to come off the roost; surely they would come off the roost at some point during the day. But for a person who is accustomed to this type of weather that computed to “no travel” by foot into the mountains of central Montana.

Okay, I have to be honest and say that I have no clue what the terrain looks like where we are headed—shoot, up until last year I thought the hills of Gatlinburg, Tennessee were TRULY mountains. What the next 5 days might bring is a total mystery at this point. I am sure whatever it will be, I will have a tale to tell regardless. This, my friends, could get very interesting.

As I sit here on the plane I am starting to wonder…”Did I bring enough warm clothes?” Surely, I can layer what I have packed and be warm. I did, however bring a second pair of hunting boots; thanks to Glenn’s sound advice. Mental Note to self: “Pick up hand warmers at Walmart BEFORE driving north out of Billings.”

I checked the forecast on Crackie and there actually was more snow in the forecast for this evening and part of the day tomorrow, with the snow clearing out and somewhat warmer weather expected on Thursday and Friday. Not sure of the options, it might be possible to drive south in pursuit of our Merriams—WHY, OH WHY does this bird have to be the hardest species for us to harvest? It will truly be a trophy when the bird is in the bag. J

We will have a 3 hour layover in Minnesota and our arrival in Billings will be at 10:49 p.m. this evening. I will once again check the weather and call Glenn for any updates. We have plans to stay in Billings tonight and get a rental car and head toward Roy in the morning. Of course—I will definitely say a prayer to the turkey Gods this evening…and at this point I will include Mother Nature and Jack Frost!!

Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport: Briefly looked at the weather…not too thrilled with the forecast, but this trip may take a little improvising. Life is good; you just have to roll with it!! I hope to bring good news tomorrow; stay tuned.