ISO, Aperture, Capture Delay, White Balance, Exposure Compensation, Mega…what? Whew, we attended a photography class tonight; one of four classes. The last thing the instructor said as we walked out the door was “Don’t worry; I will have you shooting photos in any situation like a professional before this course is over.” I laughed a short chuckle and said under my breath, “Yeah, you and what army of shutterbug fairies?” Then I thought to myself, “Can’t knock the guy for wanting to take on a challenge” but my philosophy is to never try to tackle a challenge that you don’t have foresight to—he never has met the likes of Richard and I. I almost feel sorry for him because he surely is not totally aware of what he is getting into.

Well we did gain insight to our camera…at least those things that are important when you are not shooting in Auto. “Auto”—my comfort mode. The mode that allowed me to make that initial purchase with peace-at-mind as I listened to the sales person go through his entire pitch on the camera. The one that I was assured would take care of setting all the bells and whistles that was preloaded on our newly purchased camera.

For over a year now I just thought all those pretty designs that where geometrical shapes in red, green and white were just some sort of cool design on this camera—after all they were all over the camera…the front, the back, the side, even on the inside of the battery compartment and SD card door. If you pushed one while in Auto Mode, nothing happened so they were unimportant.

Oh contraire my friends!! Those little buttons, some so small that it was necessary to read them at arm-length to make them legible…ALL those buttons perform MAGIC! Those buttons make your pictures POP…well, that and composition of the shot. Composition is something Richard doesn’t have problems with…it is the blues and reds; mostly the blues. We were recently educated to the fact that in the shutterbug fairy world that it is referred to being too hot when red or too cold when blue.

Tonight we talked about how to fix that, as well as how to set white balance. Well, we talked about a lot of things that I won’t bore you with…not that it was boring—but definitely something that you must truly have an interest in learning in order to sit for 2 hours listening to all the jargon and knowing what that jargon meant.

With three more classes left and notes from tonight’s class maybe when we complete the course the photos on my blog will take on a little more zeal…but if not, at least the instructor will have a clear understanding that NOT ALL BATTLES ARE WON.