I cannot believe that today is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this blog, Shenanigans From the Field. This blog started out as a way to journal our, mine and Richard’s, Turkey Grand Slam last Spring. Once I started sharing with friends and family it just seemed like a neat thing to do. So over the last year you have followed through a number of things:

1. Our Eastern turkey harvest in Alabama
2. My short stint with an air cast
3. Our Osceola turkey harvest in Florida
4. Our Rio turkey harvest in Kansas
5. My Eastern turkey bow hunt in North Carolina
6. Our Merriam hunt in Montana
7. My bow season preparation
8. My new 60# bow
9. My first Robinhood
10. My rattlesnake and cottonmouth chronicles
11. My preseason scouting
12. My bow season opener
13. My second new bow
14. My participation in Team Artemis in the Campbell Outdoor Challenge, in Illinois
15. Our 2009 Kansas bowhunting trip
16. My Kansas bow buck harvest
17. Our second 2009 Kansas bowhunting trip
18. My three year anniversary to hunting
19. My first dove hunt
20. My first duck hunt in Arkansas
21. A “snow” day in Alabama
22. Trading in my trusty Lil Silver Pony for my new truck, Clyde
23. My first hog harvest

A total of 7 states, three compound bows, 2 shotguns, 4 species of turkeys, deer by bow and rifle, hog, duck, dove, two trucks and in between all of that, you have read my product reviews, articles and writings that I have published on other websites.

My blog followers have been through thick and thin, ups and downs, heartaches and joys and for this I am thankful for each and every one of you that share these experiences with me and that take the time to read all of my shenanigans from the field. I hope to bring you another jam packed year of reading. If the good Lord is willing and Clyde runs like the wind I will be taking you to Oklahoma, Montana, Illinois, Kansas and possibly Minnesota this year…and what ever other hunts pop-up in the midst of these.

So subscribe to the blog or click on the follow button to get notices whenever I update my blog and you can read along as I type on-the-fly, and often right from the field on these future excursions. Feel free to leave comments along the way. Here is to wishing each and every one of you an AWESOME and SUCCESSFUL 2010 hunting season.

And remember, ~Practice often, hunt hard, harvest ethically and may your drag be short. Nancy Jo~