A heartfelt thank you to Bubba Ledbetter for his generosity, kindness and all his hard work expended for the Women's Hog Hunt at his deer camp.

Reflecting on this past weekend of the group of ladies and the men who attended, I have to honestly say I have grown in spirit and in soul. First and foremost, I want to express my deepest appreciation to Ken “Bubba” Ledbetter for the opportunity to have had this event and taking the time from his busy schedule for his great hospitality and outstanding cooking. The Bubba’s Famous Mudbug Etoufe went over really well and the fish fry was delicious.

Bubba is a one-of-a-kind person with a heart of gold. His generosity in offering the use of his deer camp and the other members allowing us the use of their campers and camp houses is something I am grateful for. A special thanks to Chipper for allowing Richard and I the use of his camper. Their generosity brought cherished memories to a dozen or more people that will last a lifetime. Bubba and his friends went above and beyond to make sure that we had an awesome time. The atmosphere was laid back…so much that some attendees even took the time to sleep in the sun.

Our guide, Brent Sawyer aka Cobrican, was so helpful in making sure the women made it to their stands safely. Brent even shared Talkhuntin.com with the group and all the great things the forum has to offer. Thank you to Dennis Ledbetter aka Elbis for his help with brunch and making us laugh. John Thibodeux aka Cookin helped in chopping wood and anything else that needed attention or anything the women needed help with. Being a pretty self sufficient group, we were able to have everyone at the bonfire sharing in the fun. Thank you to Tommie Lea for remembering the S’mores and for reminding me how to make one.

Every woman hunter brought something special to the group and that made this hunt really unique. We shared stories, jokes, hunting tips and tactics, family stories, and everyday happenings with each other. It was like we had known each other and had been hunting together in the past. Everyone was at leisure to make this hunt their time and it was evident right away that everyone felt comfortable. Funny that you can always tell when this happens because the makeup comes off…I LOVE IT!!

I want to thank Chris Sumrall and my husband, Richard, for lending a hand when needed. And of course I owe Richard a special thanks for being my right hand person, my mentor, my hunting partner, my cameraman and just for simply putting up with me. You are truly a gift to me even though I don’t ever mention it–we were meant to be, no doubt.

Last, but definitely not least, thank you to all the women who participated in this hunt; for taking the time away from your families, for having the courage to attend, for sharing a small part of yourself with everyone, and for all your help at deer camp to make sure we all had a great time. I hope to do this hunt again in the future and to enjoy many other hunts with these new friends I have made. All of them were special and it wasn’t long after we got down the road on our way home that Richard and I started talking about how we were already missing them. Richard said that he hated that it wasn’t a longer hunt because he really enjoyed the company of everyone and was really impressed at how well everyone got along and how we all shared parts of our life with each other. You all are the best and I hope to be able to attend more hunts with each and everyone of you in the near future.

Just an OUTSTANDING weekend with AWESOME people, PHENOMENAL cooking, INCREDIBLE fellowship and camaraderie, and truly great memories. I thank each and everyone of you that attended, helped, hosted or was a part in some way with this hunt for what I have experienced. ~Practice often, hunt hard, harvest ethically and may your drag be short. Nancy Jo~