I officially started my countdown to the Liberty, Mississippi hog hunt. All hunters are accounted for and we ended up with 9 women hunters coming from Texas, Missouri, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama.

Tonight I will officially start “THE PILE” in my den floor that will be packed into my new expanded version of a Dodge truck!! If I ever thought I have forgotten something, it will be on this trip. I went to the grocery store Sunday to get supplies and non-perishables and rolled a HUGE buggy of goods to my new truck. I lifted the back seat, packed all the groceries and non-perishables into the truck and stood back thinking “I REALLY DID NOT GET MY MONIES WORTH OF GROCERIES!!” That buggy full of goods would have blocked all the windows in the back of the cab in the Little Silver Pony and the ten 12 packs of drinks and two 24 packs of water would have had to go into the bed of my old truck for the lack of space. I could not only see daylight in every window, I could use my rearview mirror to back out of the parking place. WOW!! This must be what a hermit crab feels like when he finds a larger shell!! Thursday I will finish the grocery shopping of all the perishable items and I won’t have to worry where I am going to put them.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person and Bubba Ledbetter’s famous Crawfish Etouffe on Friday evening and a fish fry on Saturday evening. We were told last week that we can hunt at night by spotlight on private land so now we will have the opportunity to harvest those nocturnal hogs. This also gives us the opportunity to hunt Friday night, as well as Saturday night.

I will be taking pictures and posting to this blog while I am at the hunt so stay tuned for updates, photos, hunter introductions, harvest reports, and anything else I think you might enjoy reading or seeing here.