Wow!! What a long and exciting day…as I sit here and type this my roommates and fellow huntresses are fast asleep and have been for the last 2 hours.

Today was exciting and truly a neat experience. Our morning ride into the blind was really neat by spot light. cypress stumps, cypress knees, tight lanes and scattered duck decoys in open waters, little camouflage blinds along the river way. Like a kid at the fair walking down the fairway taking in all the sights in total bewilderment. The cast of the spot lights beam leading our way to our destination.

We broke off in two groups. My hunting party would be Jeanne Emmons, Wendy Pettis, and myself and we were going to a smaller blind and would be guided by Mark Passmore, Buster Duck himself. The other group was Kami Branyan, Maria Dupertuis, Tish Cantrell and Jodi Smith who would be going to a larger blind and guided by Gary Cooper.

The hunters and guides:

After settling into our duck blind in the dark, we waited for our first ducks to come pitching down. About an hour and 20 minutes, our guide Mark worked some magic on his duck calls to bring them in. While he was trying to work those birds a lone mallard hen came in to our left. Everything happened so fast, Mark called out for us to “shoot, shoot, shoot”!! Jeanne and I both took a shot at the hen and dropped it to the water. A first duck for both of us. What a feeling!!

My First Duck-Mallard Hen

Jeanne's First Duck

Wendy's First Duck

About another hour and a half later, Mark started working another lone bird that flew over. He worked the bird a few minutes and then the bird came in to the right of us. He called out for Wendy to shoot and Wendy made the most perfect shot at about 25 yards. Two ducks for our blind.

We had a few birds come in but were not workable and we were headed back to the dock at noon. We had plans to have a fish fry and we were headed to a catfish farm to “snag” fish. The wind was horrible and there was only one bite and that was on Wendy’s pole. Good job Wendy!! At least she wasn’t going hungry tonight–I can’t say that for the rest of the group.

We then headed out to goose hunt…what an adventure! After driving for what seemed like forever, we finally found some The only problem was that we were going to have to belly crawl over 250 yards to get within the proper distance for shooting. Not only did we get slick gray mud and goose goop all over us–before we ever entered the field three of us took an unintentional swim in the ditch going into the field.

Maria was in front of me and the next thing I knew she was on her knees. I stepped two more steps to help Maria up and I fall straight down to my knees in the knee deep water with the slick mud bottom, gun dipping into the water. Wendy was standing behind me rushes forward to catch my gun, and “plunk”, she goes down on her knees. Maria had recovered and was back on her feet walking away by this time and Wendy and I were laughing so hard we were actually struggling to get up. Jeanne was standing on solid ground with a concerned look on her face and we started handing our shotguns back to her. She was standing on the bank of the ditch with an over and under slung across her elbow, a shotgun hanging on one shoulder and another she was holding in front of her. She could not assist us in any way because she didn’t have a spare hand. Finally we struggled out of the mud pulling our already over sized boots from the massive suction from the slick clay bottom. We were still giggling before we went to sleep in the evening about the whole ordeal. I hate I didn’t get it on camera.

After a tedious crawl of 80-100 yards through the soggy, slick freshly tilled goose scat laden field the flock of about 250 plus geese started lifting off. A few of us stopped and Maria, Tish and Alex kept going and finally they stood when all of the geese had moved off the field. They crossed over the field hoping to get a shot at one on the adjacent field; that didn’t happen. We had a blast with the whole goose hunt ordeal even if we came up empty handed and muddy with goose goop from head to toe.

Gary and Kami put together a fish fry with fresh catfish, fried duck breast, fried mushrooms, french fries, fried pickles and Kami’s famous jalapeno hushpuppies. It was really delicious. The duck was really good and changed my mind about not wanting to eat any.

I am excited about tomorrow with the storms moving out over the night and a little cooler temperature and a cloud break, maybe we will get more duck movement. We will duck hunt in the morning and goose hunt if everyone is interested in another goose hunt. I hope you check back to see how we done and to see a group photo. Wish us luck.

© Nancy Jo Adams, 2010