We arrived in Jonesboro, Arkansas without a hitch. One of our hunters had a family emergency and was unable to make it-prayers sent for her and her family. That left us with seven women hunters: Jeanne Emmons, Maria Dupertuis, Tish Cantrell, Jodi Smith, Wendy Pettis, Kami Branyan and myself. Three hunters with “some” duck hunting experience and four with absolutely none what so ever.

Alas, Arkansas...Oh, Arkansas!!

Alas, Arkansas...Oh, Arkansas!!

We were able to meet with our guides, Mark Passmore and Gary Cooper, for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and squeezed in a few minutes of what to expect the following day. The weather is calling for thunderstorms tomorrow mid-day with a low in the mid 40s and highs in the high 50s to possibly 60 degrees. We will head out from the hotel at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow morning after a face painting party….:)

In the photo from front left and working clockwise: Jodi Smith, Tish Cantrell, Kami Branyan, Mark Passmore, Gary Cooper, Nancy Jo Adams, Wendy Pettis, Jeanne Emmons, and Maria Dupertuis. Also, if you will notice, FLAT STANLEY is at our table too for those of you who know him.

Arkansas Duck Hunt Group Photo

I am hoping to update from the field tomorrow, so stay tuned to find out how my very first duck hunt unfolds….I sure hope it is better than my dove hunt!!

© Nancy Jo Adams, 2010