Good thing that our hunting gear hasn’t all been unpacked and thank goodness I have the wash done….we are going back!! Yep, headed back to Kansas and I am so excited; so much so that the 19 plus hour drive one way won’t even dampen my spirits.

Richard is in pursuit of filling his Kansas archery whitetail tag. I will be toting the new Sony HDR FX7 video camera and 3rd Arm in the woods. I am excited for both of us. But I have to admit that the Sony does intimidate the heck out of me a little…and those that know me well know you won’t hear me say that much!!

On this trip we will be staying in Colby, Kansas and hunting some uncharted land. Richard has been going over the maps and using MapQuest in aiding him in finding the perfect hunting area. He already has some highlighted which means we will once again have to hit the ground scouting the minute the truck engine is turned off. Expect more pictures. This will be our second time spending Thanksgiving in Kansas; my first trip in 2007 we arrived in Kansas on Thanksgiving Day. That was, by far, one of the best trips I have ever been on.

These type of “Do-it-yourself” hunts are always so exciting and gratifying to us. The hard work and time involved is actually the silver lining to the hunt, and if a harvest results, then the gratification is ten-fold.

As I sit here on my lunch break making out the “NEW LIST” of things that need to be done, things that need to be packed and things that need attention, I am all giddy inside and cannot wait until Wednesday afternoon when we hit the road for another ROAD TRIP!! Jaxon has just gotten over our absence from the last trip..poor little critter.

Action Jaxon just getting back to normal after us being gone 9 days...

Action Jaxon just getting back to normal after us being gone 9 days...

Wish us luck and please stay tuned to my blog for updates. Until then…practice often, hunt hard, harvest ethically and may your drag be short!! Happy hunting!!

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009