Whew!! This morning was absolutely horrible in the way of weather. It was 42 degrees and the wind was blowing a steady 15-20 miles per hour. I was thankful that I was finished hunting but had plans to take the new video camera out and play with it a little. Not this morning…the trees were rocking too much. If I had not filled my tag; that would have been a different story…LOL!! I would have been right out there in the middle of it.

Richard had an 8 point come in to the decoy and coward down then went back in the woods. Shortly after that the Big Boy came out at the end of the alfalfa following 3 does. Two of the does started toward him and he felt sure that the buck would follow…but as Murphy’s Law would have it, the buck followed the single doe into the woods. The two does headed in Richard’s direction turned around and headed back toward the other doe and buck. In the meantime the 8 point came out of the woods and ran towards the two does running them in the woods. When the 8 point got to the edge of the woods, he threw the brakes on and the big boy stepped out of the woods. The 8 point coward down and walked into the woods giving the big buck a wide birth.

About an hour later four does came out on the field with the big boy following and they left out of there in the opposite direction again.

Richard just wasn’t having any luck with this buck. He used the grunt call and rattled a little, but received no response. He saw a few more deer and some across the road. Around 11:00 a.m. when he had not seen or heard anything in a while he decided to come down. If he was going to harvest something before we headed home, it wouldn’t be this morning. The wind was still pretty strong and some times it would just be whirling in different directions.

Richards final afternoon hunt

Richard walking to the field for his final afternoon hunt.

This would be Richard’s final afternoon hunt. On the way over to the hunting land I mentioned to him that he might want to go sit in my ladder stand since I had been seeing a lot of traffic out of it and it seemed to be getting more by the day. He thought about it for a second and said “you know, I think I will.” I was going to stay in the vehicle and get some typing done. As he walked away and into the field, I said a little prayer for him. He really deserved to harvest the big boy, not only has he worked so hard for that harvest and let a few other shooters walk, he has done so much and is responsible for me experiencing all I have in the way of hunting. This result of this new found love for this sport was directly related to his unselfishness to share it with me.

The turkeys were the first to come out of the field, then a few does and yearlings. Then Richard seen a couple small bucks. The stand was uncomfortable for him and he just about had himself talked into getting down and walking across the field to his stand; but he stuck it out in fear of running something out of the staging area. He watched one of the small bucks pass back through.

It was about 45 minutes before sunset when Richard saw a little movement on the other side of the alfalfa field, pretty close to where his stand was set up. The stand that he picked mine over on this particular hunt. As he glassed the area, he watched two does come out onto the field. He watched those for a few minutes, only to pull his binoculars down and seen the big boy….yep, you guessed it…..20 YARDS FROM HIS STAND across the field. Talk about a sickening feeling-especially since he all but came down out of my stand to go over to his earlier. Richard watched the buck graze as the sun slowly sunk down over the horizon.

The sun sets on Richard's last afternoon hunt

The sun sets on Richard's last afternoon hunt.

This day really did turn out to be a Friday the 13th for Richard. When Richard got to the truck to tell me about this, I felt terrible–I was the one that suggested that he take my stand tonight. We decided we were going to ride over to Bird City and eat at Big Ed’s Steak House. That was absolutely the thickest steak I have ever seen-and very good. It was a “Waulery” steak…the type you put a piece in your mouth and all you have time to do is wauller it around in your mouth because your stomach and throat are screaming, BRING IT DOWN!!!

We stopped by the library parking lot to upload a few posts then we were headed home. I was still having trouble with some of the files…but when I felt comfortable that all the posts to the blog and pictures were successful.y updated, I was headed home for a good nights rest for Richard’s final hunt in the morning. Not only was Richard hunting in the morning, we still needed to take down stands, cameras and pack the truck for our trek home. Yes, we had a big day ahead of us tomorrow.

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009