I had a doe come in on me before light. She came in under my stand for about 10 minutes when I heard some grunting behind me across the creek. All of the sudden I heard splashing through the creek, a couple of grunts and some leaves rattling around. Then another splashing sound followed by the clashing of antlers. The antlers grinded together for about 15 seconds then it went dead silent except for the sound of heavy breathing as if one of the bucks were winded or exhausted. Then I heard the most eerie sound in the darkness. The sound emulated what I could only describe as teeth grinding like horses do at an ill bit or high molar. Sounded like rock scraping concrete with a groan added to it. This made my hair on the nap of my neck stand on end. The sound is what I now know as buck growl. Then all of the sudden I heard horns clash again for about two scrapes and something hit the ground with a thud, followed by splashing through the creek. Once they were through the creek, I heard some grunting and the sound of hoof beats hitting the ground. They went up over a terrace to a field on a higher level. Then it went silent again until I could audibly hear the doe below me trying to get a scent of me. She just kept walking in circles trying to get a scent of me. Finally she became bored with me and walked about 15 yards onto the alfalfa field and across it. It was still way to dark to see anything.

A little while later when day broke I saw a buck walking in the alfalfa field to my right that is buffered by a tree line and the creek. As I was looking through the binoculars at the buck I noticed I could see Richard’s buck decoy and lo and behold there was a buck at it. I saw the buck walk a circle around it and could see the light color from his rack but couldn’t tell much other than that about him. He circled the buck once more and sniffed on its tarsal glands that were baited and darted away.

The afternoon hunt was pretty uneventful-except I did get to watch a 6 point chase a doe in about 9 HUGE circles in the alfalfa field and a button buck joined in. The button buck finally got winded and went over to another yearling….after a few minutes the little tyke mounted the yearling. The little yearling bucked up several times and the button buck ran a big circle again bucking and kicking in the air. It was kind of comical. I watched yearlings frolic with each other on the alfalfa field and one lone button buck was having the time of his life leaping and bucking in mid air. I cannot wait until I start using my new video camera to capture some of these things.

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009