Needless to say, we were a wee bit jet lag from the trip up but still chomping at the bit to get out there and see what the status of the property was and what phase of the rut the deer were in. Shortly after arriving we were in scouting clothes and headed to the woods. We found many rubs, some scrapes and some really well used trails. Taking that information and the past two years knowledge of this land-we set out to put some stands up.

We scouted both pieces of property, walking just about near every piece of it. I found a few odd things, as usual. I found some green balls that had the same skin pattern as watermelon. I found Jaxon some Rio Grande feathers. I found some really cool looking fungi on an old dying tree; it looked like mushroom tops protruding out of the tree. And for those of you who still believe in the Easter Bunny, plug your ears and close your eyes….you are not going to believe what else I found…As Elmer Fudd would say ”Oh, the HORROR”!! Peter lost his cottontail!!!

First we set up a ladder stand for Richard on an alfalfa field where there were huge rubs, some scrapes and a very well used trail that went right through the middle and across the field. This trail was so heavily used it looked like a cow trail…there were so many deer tracks in it that it looked grated with a disk. Richard trimmed shooting lanes and set his hooks and holders so that the spot would be ready in the morning.

Next was a climbing stand for me on the end of an alfalfa field than ran adjacent to the filed Richard was on and separated by a tree line and creek. I truly see why people out west primarily do not use climbing stands….there are NO straight trees out here. Literally!! I had to put my climber on a cottonwood-it was the straightest we could find and it still was leaning forward. Aarrgghh! We found a heavily used trail on top of the ridge and multiple scrapes in that area. I had a few limbs to trim and everything was set.

We also placed two cameras in the areas we were hunting. Now all there was left to was shoot our bows a few times to make sure we were still spot on from traveling in the double bow case. As usual, the SKB double bow case got our bows to our destination safe and sound even having travel duffels and camera cases thrown in on top of it. We repacked our backpacks, set out our gear and hunting clothes and put the cell phones on the charger. The alarm was set for 4:00 a.m.

We made a quick run to the store for some food supplies. I tried to keep the list as clean as possible–but Richard had to have Resse’s Peanut Butter cups, honey buns, and Mountain Dew—I guess he didn’t want to break his hunting tradition.

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009