The trip that seemed like was taking forever to get here ended up being here before I knew it!! Wow!! How time flies once you get over 18 years of age!!

We left Montgomery, Alabama, around 12:40 p.m. today on our trip to Atwood, Kansas in pursuit of big bucks. I just returned from Illinois on Saturday evening and luckily I was able to launder my hunting clothes before returning home; this alone saved me an entire evening. And due to the fact that all of my hunting gear was already packed and waiting at the ready for the next trip made our packing ritual half the job. The biggest job was going to be meticulously packing all of our gear into the truck which included 2 climbers, 2 lock-ons, 4 entire sets of 20′ steps, a 180 quart cooler, 2 huge tubs of hunting clothes/gear, a life size decoy, a block target, a double bow case, a Rubbermaid tub of boots and hunting paraphernalia, a computer bag, a dSLR camera bag with 3 lenses, a video recorder camera bag, a 3rd arm tree arm with brace and ratchet, a pole saw, a big duffel of street clothes, a medium size toiletries bag and trust me…there are about 10 bags or items I didn’t list hear. You really have to love “do it yourself” hunts–the hard work is so gratifying.

If you were not a hunter and passed us on the highway, you might think we were Jed Clampett and kin folks headed to the city; I don’t think we had an inch to spare.

Our destination was 18 hours away, give or take a couple of hours for fuel and food stops. By our 7th hour we were 500 miles into our 1230 mile trip and had been in four states. By 680 miles it was my turn to take the wheel. We stopped at a McDonald’s to trade out seats and I went in and got me an iced mocha. Let me first tell you, I am not a coffee drinker…whew, this drink was strong. It made me so hyper that Richard finally quit trying to keep up with my conversation and he fell asleep mid sentence. This drink held me out for about 3 hours-that is when Richard had to pick back up; I was just way too sleepy. I did get to sleep about 3 hours from the time I left Montgomery on Friday until the time that I laid my head down on the pillow Saturday night.

When we got to Atwood, we were first greeted by a huge flock of turkeys just inside the city limit sign. We stopped and I gobbled and purred some and they repeated it back to me. The cabin was still locked and the person bringing us a key was going to meet us several hours later. So we changed into scouting clothes, sprayed scent remover on us, grabbed binoculars and we were off.

We were finding awesome trails, rubs, scrapes and even seen a few deer. We seen two more flocks of turkeys bringing the total up to 42 turkeys. I told Richard that if I tagged out I would purchase a fall turkey tag and try to harvest one with my bow. How neat would that be!!

We came back to the cabin and met with the person bringing us the keys and then we headed out the door again to put up two stands and game cameras. My next entry will pick up on our afternoon scouting and stand placements.

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009