My den currently looks like a garage sale gone array…I have two huge rubber totes bulging and spilling over with hunting gear, one smaller rubber tote, various bags, cases, electronics, camera equipment, binoculars/rangefinders, clothes, boots and a double bow case scattered from wall to wall. I was lucky enough to be able to use the washer and dryer prior to my trip home from the Illinois hunt so I can mark off washing my hunting clothes from the TO DO list.

Packing for one hunter is somewhat of a chore but packing for two while trying to save some valuable room is tedious work. I thank my packing skills that were developed in my equestrian days when fitting 6’x6′ square feet of gear into a horse trailer dressing room that measured 4’x6′ square feet….makes for ingenious space saving ideas to say the least. Not fretting the chore, but the consumption of time getting everything in the truck just right so that it will all fit.

We are leaving at noon on Friday and driving the 19 hour trip straight through swapping the driving duties. Right now the weather is calling for a high of 64 degrees and low of 34 degrees when we get there on Saturday morning. Then throughout the week it will progressively get colder with highs in the high 40s and lows in the mid to low 20s. This will make it easy to leave the warm weather gear at home to save that space.

I am looking forward to this trip with Richard. Both of us have an archery tag this year and it will be the first year that we both have had the opportunity to hunt Kansas for whitetail together. I am looking forward to all the scouting, placing stands and placing and rotating cameras…to me this is what makes the hunt so memorable…working every possible angle to your advantage.

I hope my blog followers will check back often for updates as I plan to update nightly to this blog while we are hunting in Kansas and I will post pictures as well. If you are hunting this week or will be in the woods this weekend…good luck to you!!

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009